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Transforming Your Business with Nearshoring and Automation

Modern challenges are keeping even the most seasoned manufacturing and logistics executives up at night. That includes fierce competition, supply chain disruptions, rising costs, greater customer demands, and a stricter regulatory climate. 

The key to profitability can come down to increases in efficiency – and optimization and automation in your business operations can be the game-changer that gets you there practically and cost-effectively. 

Auxis’ back office manufacturing and logistics solutions can help.  

With manufacturing roots that trace back to our founding by former PepsiCo executives, we know there’s more to manufacturing and logistics success than what happens on the road or shop floor. Auxis brings the tools, people, and business transformation experience to modernize your operating model and processes: maximizing productivity and efficiency, mitigating risk, streamlining costs, and improving the customer experience along the way.  

At Auxis, we don’t just build business transformation solutions. We execute them. Our turnkey, customized nearshore outsourcing operations deliver quick access to complete, high-performing teams infused with the latest technology for running critical business operations like finance and accounting, IT, human resources, and more.  

Amid unpredictable supply chains, we provide strong customer service and accounts payable operations, strengthening supplier relationships with exceptional support and on-time payments. 

Auxis also brings a 25+-year track record of successfully layering technology into business strategy and operations. At a time that 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail, according to a Harvard Business Review report, we can help you harness the full power of digital transformation – identifying emerging opportunities, finding unexpected value, and building modernized operations that are cost-effective, efficient, and future-proof.   

That can mean automation that helps process orders faster and with fewer errors. Analytics that can anticipate customer demand. Fast, low-cost implementation of a powerful, full-featured, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform capable of managing operations of any size through our business process outsourcing (BPO) partnership with NetSuite. And so much more. 

And once the technology is implemented, you can rely on Auxis to keep your new and existing systems running smoothly through our turnkey IT process and technology operations solutions, complete with help desk support. 

Embracing an innovative business model is key to thriving in today’s crowded and competitive manufacturing and logistics landscapes. Partnering with Auxis delivers new confidence that your business operations are running at peak performance, so you can channel your energy toward the core competencies that fuel strategy and growth. 

Intelligent automation adoption is surging across manufacturing and logistics, increasing by 40%+ and 38%+ respectively in three years.

- Source: Everest Group Enterprise Automation Playbook 2022

Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Business with Intelligent Automation

How Auxis Can Help Manufacturing & Logistics Organizations Achieve Peak Performance

Auxis offers a comprehensive suite of strategic consulting and outsourcing solutions that can increase productivity, transform customer experiences, drive operational excellence, and lower costs for manufacturing and logistics enterprises. Our best-in-class services include: 


  • Finance Transformation, Optimization Assessments, & Roadmaps 
  • Shared Services Consulting  
  • Order to Cash (AR)  
  • Purchase to Pay (AP)  
  • Record to Report (R2R)  
  • Decision Support 


  • Help Desk
  • Technical Customer Support
  • NOC & Network Ops
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Modernization
  • Cybersecurity
  • DevOps
  • Application Development
  • IT Staffing Augmentation


  • Customer Services
  • Human Resources
  • Industry-Specific Back-Office Services
  • Operational Audits


  • Digital Assessments & Roadmaps
  • Intelligent Automation & RPA
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • System Selection & Implementation
  • Application Modernization
  • M&A Integration
  • Enterprise Program Management

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Map Your Course to Intelligent Automation and RPA

Manufacturers and logistics companies have a long history with automation, relying on robots to speed work on factory and warehouse floors. But in today’s fast-paced digital world, automating the flow of information within your organization is just as important as speeding the flow of products.  

Here’s just a sampling of automation opportunities in the manufacturing and logistics sectors that create high potential for reducing administrative burdens and building faster, smarter, and error-free processes. Our Intelligent Automation and RPA practice is ready to help you identify the best opportunities for your business and implement and maintain your automations cost-effectively for long-term success.

Sourcing & Purchasing

  • Invoice Processing & Exceptions Management  
  • Document Processing & Management 
  • Raw Material Pricing Updates & Monitoring  
  • Vendor Onboarding, Updates, & Performance Monitoring
  • Legal & Compliance Checks  


  • Order Processing 
  • Invoice Generation  
  • Carrier Selection 
  • Freight Rate Calculations 
  • Tracking Shipment Status 

Supply Chain Management

  • Bill of Lading Creation & Updates  
  • Goods Receipts Matching, Updates, & Amendments  
  • Tracking Inventory Levels & Reorder Points 
  • Contract Validation & Monitoring  
  • Critical Parts Inventory Monitoring & Reporting  

Production & Maintenance

  • Real-time Reporting  
  • Preventative/Predictive Maintenance   
  • Quality Control   
  • Incident Management  

Revenue Growth

  • Sales Order Data Entry, Validation, & Payment Approval  
  • Quotes Generation, Approval, & Delivery  
  • Payment Processing  
  • Customer Registrations 
  • Reporting & Analytics 

Customer Experience

  • Data Collection & Validation  
  • Service Desk Integrations  
  • Service Order Processing & Tracking 
  • Supplier Communication  
  • Customer Communication  

Compliance & Sustainability

  • Data Collection (energy consumption, emissions, and waste)   
  • Compliance Monitoring & Alerting  
  • Benchmarking & Competitive Analysis 

Finance & Accounting

  • Invoice Processing & Exceptions Management 
  • Document Processing 
  • Reconciliations & Reporting 
  • Billing 
  • Collections Support 

IT Operations

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery 
  • Network & Server Monitoring 
  • Software & Patch Management 
  • Cloud, Help Desk, & Security Management 
  • Software & Application Testing 

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The Auxis Difference

Why Auxis is Different from Other Manufacturing & Logistics Consultants

From our founders’ manufacturing roots at PepsiCo’s Latin America Beverage Division, to our role as hands-on BPO providers, to the strong consultancy qualifications and years of industry experience of our professional staff, we bring unmatched insights into the best practices and operational strategy to achieve breakthrough performance faster and more cost-effectively. With comprehensive end-to-end process transformation capabilities and innovative technology solutions, we excel at optimizing business operations and delivering ROI for Fortune 1000 companies across industries. 

We understand the unique demands of your industry – and we tailor our solutions to meet the distinctive challenges and opportunities you face. Whether that means automation that helps you process orders faster with fewer errors, analytics that can anticipate customer demand, or other industry-specific services, we provide practical solutions that help you build modernized, cost-effective operations for your industry. 

We don’t just come in to advise, we can become your operational partners, providing you with the people, tools, and best practices needed to successfully bring you step-by-step through your business transformation journey. Our white-glove consulting teams deliver specific recommendations and an implementation roadmap to improve, innovate, and create value in your operations. Our customized nearshore BPO and ITO solutions can empower your success by providing effective implementation, operational excellence, and fast access to the latest digital capabilities and top talent. 

Our location in top nearshore markets ensures outsourcing doesn’t sacrifice performance. Partnering with Auxis delivers a deep bench of highly educated BPO and ITO talent, helping you beat labor shortages with subject matter expertise and certifications across critical business functions. Our higher-level talent also provides the critical-thinking skills needed as organizations start to outsource more complex, judgment-intensive processes. We further enhance your operations with instant access to high-quality resources with specialized skillsets like analytics, automation, and cybersecurity that can be difficult or expensive to hire at home. 

We are nearshore outsourcing pioneers, recognized annually on IAOP’s Outsourcing Global 100 list, and continue to stand out as one of the only market leaders with a robust nearshore model. Our global delivery platform in top Latin American hubs like Costa Rica and Colombia combines significant labor arbitrage with highly educated talent, cultural alignment, outstanding English proficiency, and time zone compatibility – driving the real-time communication, collaboration, and critical-thinking skills essential to supporting processes across your value chain. 

We take a business-led approach to technology innovation in your business operations, strategically layering intelligent automation, machine learning, advanced analytics, intelligent data capture, and more into your operations and strategy. At a time that most digital transformation efforts fail, we bring the skills, resources, and experience to ensure effective implementation, sustainable improvements, and organizational adoption.   

Your success is our success. We tailor our nearshore outsourcing services to match the challenges and opportunities unique to your business. Through our high-touch delivery model and flexible, results-driven approach, we become an extension of your team – optimizing processes, elevating operational visibility, and holding ourselves accountable for value realization. 

Your Modern Manufacturing and Logistics Organization Awaits!

We want to learn more about your organization and help you achieve your business goals.  

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