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Accelerate Business Transformation With a Top Cloud Managed Services Provider

Cloud migration can be transformative for business. It can also be challenging and, if not managed well, disruptive and unsuccessful in achieving the benefits targeted by moving data and applications off premises. This has proven true for several cloud initiatives, where despite considerable budgets and efforts undertaken for the initial migration, the lack of specialized cloud resources and skills makes it difficult to manage the migrated systems and applications. So even as more and more organizations move to the cloud and explore ways to accelerate adoption, building and managing resilient and responsive cloud operations is emerging as one of their biggest challenges.

Part of that problem is failing to recognize that cloud migration is an ongoing journey which requires taking a fresh perspective on infrastructure and management. Auxis’ Cloud Managed services assist organizations at every stage of their cloud journey. Whether you are at the early stages of your cloud adoption program or have already migrated, we provide skilled resources and best-in-class tools to facilitate adoption and build and manage comprehensive cloud solutions to ensure scale, agility, as well as security in your day-to-day operations.

Our transformation services, delivered from the top nearshoring hubs in Latin America, enable a solid foundation to ensure flawless cloud operations, whether it be on private or public clouds or hybrid cloud environments. Our infrastructure managed services handle day-to-day IT tasks with round the clock support and advanced monitoring, reporting and operations management tools, allowing you to focus on vital business functions. We implement DevOps and Automation best practices to rapidly deploy full-stack solutions. 

Auxis focuses on delivering efficient and effective IT operations management through a holistic framework, helping you achieve the transformative benefits of cloud migration aligned with your business objectives.  

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The biggest challenges organizations are facing for cloud adoption are not primarily about technology, but people and processes. Most critical is the perennial lack of qualified staff (37%), which continues to be the largest impediment to faster adoption.

- Source: 2023 Fortinet Cloud Security Report

Cloud Managed

Establish and enforce the operating governance model

Provide 24x7x365 L2 and L3 support for the cloud environment

Advance monitoring, reporting and operations management tools

Implement ITIL operations-based framework

Manage cloud financials

Implement DevOps and Automation best practices

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Other Major Technologies Supported 

IT Outsourcing Pioneers, Located in the Top Destinations of Latin America

With over 25 years of IT outsourcing experience in the region, Auxis’ outsourced IT managed services are provided from Latin America’s top nearshore locations. Our customers receive critical advantages like time zone compatibility, strong cultural affinity, and highly educated talent with exceptional English proficiency and familiarity of North American operations.

Costa Rica

Most mature shared services destination in the Americas, with over 350 multinationals providing business services from the country. 


Ranked #1 for availability of skilled talent in Latin America on the IMD World Talent Ranking and ranked #1 on the Offshore BPO Confidence Index. 

Supporting Hubs

Our support hubs offer the best quality, technically skilled talent from top nearshoring destinations including Mexico, Argentina, and Guatemala, and use best practices, technology, and innovation to drive continuous process improvement.

Recognized for the last 8 years

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The Auxis Difference

Why Auxis as a Managed Cloud Service Provider

Our team excels in delivering comprehensive cloud IT management services and tools, covering everything from consulting to day-to-day operations, streamlining your cloud journey. 

With hands-on cloud practitioners and operators on our team, we deliver practical cloud solutions, not just theoretical advice.

We provide a cost-effective delivery model that combines U.S. and nearshore resources, leveraging our delivery centers in the top Latin American outsourcing hubs and providing cost savings without compromising on quality.  

Benefit from our strong expertise in consumption-based IT financial modeling, allowing you to pay for resources as you use them, maximizing cost savings.

We display a processdriven mindset and leverage IT Service Management best practices and solutions, with a focus on implementing solid operational controls, visibility, and governance. 

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