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Beyond Labor Savings: Driving Tech and Business Excellence in Your Time Zone
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We are Nearshore Pioneers, with 25+ Years’ Experience Doing Business in LATAM

In an era of evolving business paradigms, Auxis redefines how the most modern organizations navigate modern business needs.  

Since 1997 we have harnessed nearshoring’s potential and promoted a business model and a culture which exude exceptional client service. Here, specialized services replace generic approaches as service leads with years of industry experience, not career consultants, work with clients to formulate custom solutions. As a top nearshore outsourcing company, we honor the principle that one solution cannot accommodate every diverse modern business priority and preference.  

This conviction led us to engineer an integrated nearshore platform in LATAM, with primary delivery hubs strategically located in Costa Rica and Colombia. The outcome: customized Finance & Accounting, Business Support, IT, and Digital Transformation solutions that seamlessly align with clients’ operations.

Respondents achieved an average savings of 45% across labor and productivity through shared services operations in Latin America.

- Source: Auxis Report: A Deeper Exploration of Shared Services in Latin America

Our Nearshore Outsourcing Services

Finance &

We design and implement high-impact strategic initiatives aimed at helping CFOs optimize, scale, and modernize their finance operations. 


We assist CIOs in maturing and modernizing their IT operations by leveraging best-in-class processes, technologies, and talent to become true business partners.


From Customer Service to HR to other industry-specific functions, we help you establish high-performance business operations. 


Modernization is easier said than done. We guide you through your end-to-end digital transformation journey, including Intelligent Automation, Analytics, Cloud, and more.

Nearshore Pioneer in Latin America

As one of the first to offer IT and business services from the region, Auxis brings deep industry knowledge and unmatched customer experience in serving US companies. Going beyond cost savings, our delivery centers and supporting hubs in Latin America offer highly skilled talent, cultural alignment, improved capabilities, and operational standardization for long term value.

Costa Rica: Pioneering Nearshoring Excellence

Discover the most mature shared services destination in the Americas. With access to top talent, a favorable business environment, robust infrastructure, and deep experience supporting processes across the value chain, Costa Rica is an ideal choice for successful nearshore outsourcing.

Colombia: LATAM's Deepest Pool of Skilled Talent

Tap into the many advantages offered by nearshoring to Colombia, a rising star in the global business landscape. Benefit from the #1 skilled talent availability in LATAM, a business-friendly environment, and advanced infrastructure, which make it a prime choice for outsourcing IT and business services.

Supporting Hubs

Our support hubs offer the best quality, technically skilled talent from top nearshoring destinations including Mexico, Argentina, and Guatemala, and use best practices, technology, and innovation to drive continuous process improvement.

Trusted by Leading Organizations from Mid-Market to Enterprise

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Nearshoring to Latin America: Why Costa Rica is the Premier Alternative

Finance, IT, Customer Service, and more

Nearshore Outsourcing Success Stories

Client Experiences

The Auxis Difference

Why Choose Auxis Over Other Nearshore Outsourcing Companies

We are nearshore outsourcing pioneers, recognized annually on IAOP’s elite Outsourcing Global 100 list and named a “Major Contender” on Everest Group’s Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) PEAK Matrix® Assessment. We continue to stand out as one of the only market leaders with a robust nearshore model.  

Leveraging our extensive experience as advisors, BPO operators, and industry veterans for more than 25 years, we bring unmatched insights into the best practices and operational strategy for achieving breakthrough performance faster and more cost-effectively. With end-to-end process transformation capabilities and innovative technology solutions, we deliver more than labor arbitrage – optimizing your business operations so you can focus on your core competencies. 

Situated in the premier nearshore outsourcing destinations, Costa Rica and Colombiawith support hubs in Mexico, Argentina, and Guatemala we provide real-time collaboration and communication through time zone compatibility and convenient, direct flights connecting us to major cities across the U.S. 

Our location in top nearshore markets ensures outsourcing doesn’t sacrifice performance. Partnering with Auxis delivers a deep bench of highly educated talent with outstanding English proficiency. Beat labor shortages with subject matter expertise and certifications across critical business functions. Our higher-level talent also provides the critical-thinking skills needed as organizations start to outsource more complex, judgment-intensive processes. We further enhance your operations with instant access to high-quality resources with specialized skillsets like intelligent automation, analytics, and cybersecurity that can be difficult or expensive to hire at home. 

As the ongoing labor shortage causes salaries to rise, nearshoring to Colombia and Costa Rica can help you significantly reduce operational costs, delivering an average 30-60% labor arbitrage compared to the U.S. Savings are even greater in large, expensive markets like New York and Los Angeles.   

Cultural differences contribute to the failure of more than 70% of international ventures, according to a Business Standard report. The geographic proximity and common European root of our nearshore markets drives close alignment with U.S. culture, work approach, and overall valuesenabling efficient communication and easy rapport that allow us to function as a true extension of your team. The extensive number of North American companies doing business in the region also ensures familiarity with western business practices, supporting the professional judgment integral to the delivery of processes across your value chain. 

We understand the unique demands of your industry – and we tailor our solutions to meet your distinctive needs. Whether that means healthcare revenue cycle management processes that merge efficiency with HIPAA compliance, collections models that help CPG companies meet the billing demands of big box retailers, virtual audit and brand protection services for restaurants, or other industry-specific services, we provide practical solutions that help you build modernized, cost-effective operations for your industry. 

We tailor our nearshore BPO and ITO services to match the challenges and opportunities unique to your business. Through our high-touch delivery model and flexible, results-driven approach, we become an extension of your team – optimizing processes, elevating operational visibility, boosting accuracy and compliance, and holding ourselves accountable for value realization.  

Our nearshore outsourcing services are always evaluated through a digital transformation lens, and we are constantly looking for ways to leverage new technology to increase productivity and performance. We take a business-led approach to technology innovation in your business operations, strategically layering intelligent automation, machine learning, advanced analytics, and more to enable agile decision-making and support your greater organizational goals.  

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