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The Most Mature Global Shared Services Destination in the Americas

Costa Rica ranks high on the radar of North American executives as a strategic outsourcing location – and Auxis stands out with a long-established presence and one of the most robust, high-performing platforms in the region.  

With the launch of our San José operations in 2010, we pioneered a nearshore outsourcing model that delivers cost savings without sacrificing performance – offering highly educated talent, outstanding English proficiency, cultural alignment, time zone compatibility, an attractive business environment, and political stability that creates a clear advantage for our customers.  

Since then, exploding demand for our services is testament to our vision that North American enterprises needed an alternative to the service, language, and cultural hurdles that come with outsourcing business functions to the other side of the world. 

Today, Auxis is regarded as a leading outsourcer in Costa Rica, more than quadrupling the size of our operations with a commitment to continued growth. Nearly 1,000 highly skilled and qualified employees offer an extensive breadth of business functions from our state-of-the-art facility in San José’s América Free Zone business park. 

We are focused on providing our clients with value that extends beyond labor arbitragecombining  Costa Rica’s high-level talent with the latest technologies and best practices for driving automation, optimizing operations, and achieving peak performance. Trained by the top educational system in LATAM with the second-highest English proficiency, the Costa Rica workforce also delivers the critical-thinking skills and easy communication that’s needed as companies start to outsource more complex activities. 

Our services are supported by exceptional Digital Transformation and Intelligent Automation practices, offering clients instant, flexible access to specialized skillsets like robotic process automation (RPA), analytics, cloud, and cybersecurity that can be difficult or too expensive to hire back home.   

Modern business challenges like talent shortages, economic uncertainty, and accelerating digital transformation have forward-thinking executives rethinking their operating models. Nearshoring to Costa Rica delivers the top-tier talent and real-time communication and collaboration you need to solve your operational challenges – freeing your internal teams to focus on the strategy and growth that power business success. 

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Costa Rica is ranked among the top shared services destinations worldwide by enterprise and shared services leaders, and second most preferred destination in Latin America.

- Source: Deloitte 2023 Global Shared Services & Outsourcing Survey

An Overview of the Shared Services & Outsourcing Sector in Costa Rica

Our Costa Rica Outsourcing Services

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We design and implement high-impact strategic initiatives aimed at helping CFOs optimize, scale, and modernize their finance operations. 


We assist CIOs in maturing and modernizing their IT operations by leveraging best-in-class processes, technologies, and talent to become true business partners.


From Customer Service to HR to other industry-specific functions, we help you establish high-performance business operations. 


Modernization is easier said than done. We guide you through your end-to-end digital transformation journey, including Intelligent Automation, Analytics, Cloud, and more.

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The Nearshore Costa Rica Difference

Why Costa Rica is a Top Destination for North American Businesses

84% of shared service centers in Costa Rica support North American businesses, with more than 60% supporting multiple business functions, according to data from CINDE and the Chamber of High Technology Corporate Services in Costa Rica. As pioneers of the nearshore outsourcing model, Auxis long-established service delivery center in San José continues to stand out as one of the most robust models in Latin America. Our nearshore platform is recognized annually on IAOP’s elite Outsourcing Global 100 list and was named a “Major Contender” on Everest Group’s Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) PEAK Matrix® Assessment. 

With close proximity to the U.S., nearshoring to Costa Rica offers real-time collaboration and communication through similar time zones and convenient, direct flights to North America’s major cities from San José’s Juan Santamara International Airport, ranked by Skytrax as one of the top-rated airports in LATAM and the world. Our Global Delivery Center is strategically located within the famous América Free Zone (AFZ) business park, a world-class business community that offers attractive tax benefits and incentives to our clients. AFZ sits at the convening point of three major cities with the highest concentration of qualified workforceAlajuela, Heredia, and San Josémaking us well placed to attract top talent. 

The World Economic Forum ranked Costa Rica #1 in LATAM in terms of workforce skills and education quality. Our Costa Rica teams ensure outsourcing doesn’t sacrifice performance, bringing the certifications, industry accreditations, and deep experience supporting transactional to complex, high-value functions. Costa Rica is a preferred shared services destination for companies seeking the high-level talent and critical thinking skills needed to outsource judgment-intensive activities like finance’s financial planning & analysis or healthcare’s revenue cycle management functions.

Costa Rica boasts the second-highest English proficiency in Latin America, according to TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores, and LinkedIn data shows that more Costa Ricans select English as a spoken language than any other LATAM country. Companies across industries also look to Costa Rica’s highly educated workforce for multilingual proficiency. Auxis teams provide quality service in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, and more.  

Costa Rica’s government is deeply committed to building a deep talent pool, with government-sponsored educational programs ensuring a steady flow of talent for critical business functions. For example, accounting programs incorporating internships start at the high school level, guiding thousands of highly experienced workers to graduate with accounting degrees each year. The government has also partnered with multinational tech corporations to create IT scholarships and educational programs that have Costa Rica’s digital labor force expanding at an annual rate of 17%, according to CINDE data.   

Cultural differences contribute to the failure of more than 70% of international ventures, according to a Business Standard report. Costa Rica’s geographic proximity and common European root drives close alignment with U.S. culture, work approach, and overall values – enabling efficient communication and easy rapport that allow Auxis to function as a true extension of your team. With more than 350 multinational organizations operating across the country, Costa Rica also offers deep familiarity with North American business practices – supporting the professional judgment integral to quality service delivery. 

Costa Rica offers competitive tax incentives aimed at attracting foreign investment and facilitating the creation of new, innovative companies. Flexible labor laws allow operations to easily adjust to U.S. work hours, holidays, 24×7 shifts, and more. Dubbed the Silicon Valley of Latin America, Costa Rica is also one of the most tech-savvy countries throughout South and Central America, attracting a solid network of incubators and investment funds that augment its innovative ecosystem. As a result, Costa Rica delivers quick access to highly qualified resources with specialized skillsets like intelligent automation, analytics, and cybersecurity that can be difficult or expensive to hire at home. 

With a modern telecommunications infrastructure offering fast broadband speeds, submarine fiber optic cables on both coasts delivering 100% redundancy, and one of the highest internet and mobile phone penetration rates in LATAM, nearshoring to Costa Rica provides a stable platform for connecting to global markets and supporting a hybrid workforce. With the government continuously investing in infrastructure projects to improve connectivity, Costa Rica has also been a leader in adopting new technologies like cloud computing. 

Costa Rica is consistently ranked as the safest country in Latin America by travel industry leaders and the Global Peace Index. The only country in Latin America without a military, it is recognized worldwide for its political stability, democracy, low crime rate, and peace – all good for doing business within its borders.  

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