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Industry expertise matters. We understand how a partner with experience in your industry, who speaks your language and has an insider perspective of your unique challenges can make a difference. Growing beyond our roots in the consumer-packaged goods space, today we serve multiple industries. These include fast-changing and competitive markets such as technology, complex and heavily regulated ones such as healthcare and financial services, as well as many other industries and clients with unique consulting and outsourcing needs. See how our custom consulting and outsourcing solutions for each industry can help your business grow and innovate 

Explore Auxis Solutions for Your Industry


Helping healthcare payers and providers ensure continuity of care and enhanced patient experiences through solutions for revenue cycle management, always-on IT, and digital initiatives to streamline processes and innovate.

Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

From big retail chains and storied consumer brands to specialty retailers, we provide a comprehensive suite of consulting and outsourcing solutions to create a transparent and agile supply chain, reduce costs to fund future transformations, and implement robust cybersecurity defenses to build consumer trust and enable innovation.

Financial Services

A comprehensive suite of strategic consulting and outsourcing solutions that can transform customer experiences, drive operational excellence, mitigate risk, and lower costs for financial services enterprises.

Private Equity

Our turnkey PE managed services solutions help clients manage the complexities of carveouts and make post-merger integration hassle free, while unlocking forward-looking paths to value creation and growth.

Manufacturing & Logistics

We bring the tools, people, and business transformation experience to modernize your operating model and processes: maximizing productivity and efficiency, mitigating risk, streamlining costs, and improving the customer experience along the way. 


From brand protection services and IT support to integrated franchisee and customer care, Auxis is here for your restaurant brand’s growth and sustainability. We offer a comprehensive suite of innovative consulting and outsourcing solutions that can transform customer experiences, drive operational excellence, increase margins, and lower costs for restaurant industry enterprises.


We merge next-generation digital innovation, optimized processes, and top tech talent from nearshore to deliver best-in-class services for automated software testing, managing and maintaining a mature DevOps organization, and managing IT, cloud infrastructure, and security. We also provide custom, turnkey outsourcing solutions across critical back-office processes.

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