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Outsource Accounting Services to Auxis for Real-Time Accounting and Smart Decision-Making

The stability and success of a company rests on the proper management of its finances. From closing the books to financial reporting to balance sheet reconciliation and analysis, accounting operations are integral to keeping organizations running and painting an accurate picture of its financial health. 

But accounting processes also involve significant challenges: evolving accounting standards, mounting pressure for real-time strategic insights, and month-end close processes rife with high stress and long hours for an in-house accounting team. 

Increasingly, finance leaders have realized that performing this transactional work in-house not only adds little value but is expensive, inefficient, and time-consuming – preventing staff from focusing on the high-value work that delivers a competitive advantage in today’s fast-moving business world.  

Enter Auxis, bringing end-to-end outsourced accounting services that help you step out of the transactional weeds and transform your accounting team into an effective business partner.  

Did you know American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) data shows that top-performing organizations complete the financial close in half the time of bottom-performing organizations, at less than a third of the cost?  

Auxis’ outsourced accounting team bring the top talent, automation tools, best practices, and finance transformation experience that boosts productivity, reduces manual burdens, and increases accuracy and compliance. We have a proven track record of streamlining the month-end close for clients across industries, putting accurate financial statements into leadership’s hands sooner for timely analysis and informed business decisions. 

Besides optimizing your operations, we work within your current accounting systems and can also bring market-leading technology partners like Adra by Trintech, Oracle NetSuite, UiPath, and Microsoft to fill gaps and innovate accounting solutions that are scalable, cloud accessible, and integrate your transaction workflow. 

Amid uncertain economic times, we also have the tools and experience to deliver real-time insights that help you keep a critical eye on cash flow. 

The ability of finance leaders and their teams to act with flexibility, agility, and innovation has never been more important than it is today. Partnering with Auxis can transform your accounting operations from a reactive, transactional service into the proactive, strategic partner your business needs. 

More than half of F&A professionals (52%) said that meeting deadlines and time pressures are the biggest hurdles facing their financial close process, yet nearly three-quarters (74%) do not have “established” automation in place today.

- Source: Trintech 2022 Global Financial Close Benchmark Report

Our Outsourced Accounting Services

Auxis provides a full range of best-in-class outsourced accounting services from a dedicated team of more than 200 accounting professionals trained on U.S. GAAP and IFRS accounting standards. We also maintain an Accounting Center of Excellence comprised of our best managers and CPAs to ensure the highest-quality operations. Our services include: 

Robust Service-Level Agreements

Auxis will work with you to define a strong service-level agreement (SLA) framework customized to the specific needs and drivers of your finance and accounting function. Important accounting SLA metrics often include: 

Month-End Close

Month-End Close Completed On Time


Transactions Percentage Completed On Time

Balance Sheet Account

Balance Sheet Account Reconciliations Performed On Time

Tax Fillings

Tax Filings Performed On Time

Account Reconciliations

Accuracy Percent of Account Reconciliations

Manual Journal Entries

Accuracy Percent of Manual Journal Entries

Unreconciled Items

Number, Amount, and Aging of Unreconciled Items

Activities Performed

Volume of Activities Performed Monthly (Number of Journal Entries, Reconciliations, etc.)

Auxis Named a Major Contender

PEAK Matrix® for Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) Services 2023 Assessment

We Bring Cutting-Edge Technology to Help You Work Faster and Smarter

At Auxis, we adapt to your current systems while suggesting additional best-in-class tools to drive higher levels of efficiency, automation, and real-time insights from your outsourced accounting team. That includes a full suite of process automation, AI, analytics, and productivity technology, such as:

Nearshore Pioneers, Located in the Top Destinations of Latin America

With over 25 years of shared services experience in the region, Auxis’ BPO services are provided from Latin America’s top nearshore locations. Our customers receive critical advantages like time zone compatibility, strong cultural affinity, and proven, highly educated accounting talent with exceptional English proficiency and familiarity of North American operations.

Costa Rica

Most mature shared services destination in the Americas, with over 350 multinationals providing business services from the country.


Ranked #1 in Latin America for availability of skilled talent on the IMD World Talent Ranking and ranked #1 on the Offshore BPO Confidence Index.

Supporting Hubs

Our support hubs offer the best quality, technically skilled talent from top nearshoring destinations including Mexico, Argentina, and Guatemala, and use best practices, technology, and innovation to drive continuous process improvement.

Trusted by Leading Organizations from Mid-Market to Enterprise

Recognized for the last 8 years

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Client Experiences

The Auxis Difference

Why Auxis is Different from Other Accounting Outsourcing Companies

Leveraging our extensive experience as advisors, BPO operators, and industry veterans for more than 25 years, we bring unmatched insights into the best practices and operational strategy for achieving breakthrough accounting performance faster and more cost-effectively. With end-to-end process transformation capabilities and innovative technology solutions, we excel at putting accurate financial statements into leadership’s hands sooner for timely analysis and informed business decisions.
We are nearshore outsourcing pioneers, recognized annually on IAOP’s Outsourcing Global 100 list, and continue to stand out as one of the only market leaders with a robust nearshore model. Our global delivery platform in top Latin American hubs like Costa Rica and Colombia combines significant labor arbitrage with high-quality talent, cultural alignment, outstanding English proficiency, and time zone compatibility – driving the real-time communication, collaboration, and critical-thinking skills essential to supporting processes across your value chain.
As the accounting labor shortage accelerates, our location in top nearshore markets provides a deep pool of certified, highly educated talent trained to U.S. GAAP and IFRS accounting standards. Our highly educated team of 200+ accounting professionals ensures outsourcing doesn’t sacrifice quality, offering the knowledge, experience, and critical-thinking skills needed to successfully support different process tiers. We also operate an Accounting Center of Excellence comprised of CPAs and top-performing managers focused on maintaining the highest-quality operations through continuous improvement and ongoing support.
We take a business-led approach to technology innovation in your accounting department, strategically layering intelligent automation, workflow tools, intelligent data capture, and more to support business goals. We also deliver best-in-class analytics tools that enable agile decision-making with real-time visibility into critical areas like cash flow management.
Our nearshore accounting outsourcing services are tailored to your specific business and industry needs, following a proven migration methodology to ensure activities are transitioned effectively with process improvements and controls in place. Through our high-touch delivery model and flexible, results-driven approach, we become an extension of your team – optimizing the financial close, elevating operational visibility, boosting accuracy and compliance, and holding ourselves accountable for value realization.
With accounting fraud a global concern, we provide best practices and technology to help you strengthen your internal controls and ensure audit readiness, including robust SOX controls for public companies. Benefit from our proven finance operating model that enforces segregation of duties, automated approvals, AI-infused automation for spotting red flags, and much more.

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