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Supercharge Your Agility With Auxis Nearshore DevOps Staffing

Agile methodologies and DevOps practices are increasingly being adopted as a part of the modern software development process.. But there’s a catch: finding talent with the right skills to ensure the smooth functioning of your DevOps model is a significant challenge, one which can slow down the entire process.

This is where Auxis comes in. From assessment to implementation, we specialize in practices like Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure-as-Code. Our certified team manages DevOps pipelines end to end, allowing you to prioritize business growth while we handle the technicalities.

Our team of certified and highly specialized DevOps engineers help establish a top-notch, well-maintained, and mature DevOps organization. We don’t merely provide talent – we are dedicated to furnishing the capabilities required to supercharge your DevOps projects. Whether you require a single DevOps engineer or a comprehensive multi-team solution, we provide the right resources based in your time zone to ensure seamless collaboration.

By managing all the complex aspects of DevOps operations, we empower your internal resources to concentrate on the innovation and technology-driven growth that your business thrives upon. 

We specialize in delivering scalable tech solutions that yield tangible results. We are the partner you can rely on for scalable, innovative, competitive outcomes. From full-service delivery teams to best-in-class DevOps engineers, we’ve got you covered with the end-to-end delivery of tailored tech solutions.

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Only 11% of professionals possess highly developed DevOps skills, making it difficult to build a top-tier DevOps team due to competition with other companies.

- Source: Accelerate 2022 State of DevOps Report

Auxis DevOps Managed Services

Configuration Management

Ensure consistent and automated control of software and hardware configurations.

Cloud DevOps (CI/CD) Pipeline:

Automate code integration, testing, and deployment using Cloud services.

Infrastructure as Code

Define and provision infrastructure using code for consistency and automation.

Cloud Infrastructure Automation

Automate deployment and scaling of Cloud resources to enhance efficiency.

Monitoring and Logging

Implement robust monitoring and centralized logging for system health.

SREOps Support

Apply SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) principles to ensure reliable and efficient operations.

Dedicated DevOps Team

Establish a specialized team to drive collaborative and automated development operations.

Our Team Has In-Depth DevOps Skills in:


Continous Integration & Delivery


Infrastructure Management


DevOps Assessment


DevOps Automation


DevOps Consulting

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The Auxis Difference

Why Auxis DevOps Managed Services

Auxis boasts a 25+ year track record of steering executive teams toward achieving high-performance IT organizations, with over 8 years of excellence in the DevOps space.

Our delivery centers are located in the top nearshoring hubs of Latin America, enabling swift access to high quality talent and 24×7 support for your business needs aligned with major US time zones. Auxis helps you leverage the benefits of labor arbitrage, with potential labor savings of 30% to 40%. 

As your DevOps needs evolve, Auxis provides valuable assistance in capacity planning and scalability. This ensures that your DevOps infrastructure can adapt to growth and changing business requirements, maintaining efficiency, and accommodating increased workloads. 

Benefit from Auxis‘ access to top-tier DevOps engineers, ready to be deployed to meet your specific needs. These experts bring their extensive experience to enhance your DevOps capabilities and accelerate your development processes. 

Through our team of certified engineers, Auxis ensures that your DevOps operations are managed and maintained by professionals who have demonstrated their expertise through recognized certifications. 

We leverage DevOps automation to streamline processes, eliminate manual errors, control costs, and deliver faster, more consistent deployments. 

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