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Modernizing Business Operations
Since 1997
Achieving a Competitive Edge Through Innovative Strategies, Processes, and Technologies
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Auxis Named a Major Contender in
Everest Group's Finance & Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) PEAK Matrix® 2023
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Finance Transformation Trends:
Why Hybrid & Nearshoring Are The New Normal
Separate buzz from reality to learn what’s really impacting finance teams this year
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Auxis Business Transformation Services

We are Business Modernization experts focused on building customized consulting and nearshore outsourcing solutions to meet your business goals across the following key areas:

Finance &

We design and implement high-impact strategic initiatives aimed at helping CFOs optimize, scale, and modernize their finance operations.


We assist CIOs in maturing and modernizing their IT operations by leveraging best-in-class processes, technologies, and talent to become true business partners.


From Customer Service to HR and other Back Office functions, we help you establish high-performance business operations.


Modernization is easier said than done. We guide you through your end-to-end digital transformation journey, including Intelligent Automation, Analytics, Cloud, and more.

Why Auxis

Auxis has redefined consulting since 1997, offering a distinct alternative to the traditional business model. Leveraging our industry experience and advisory expertise, we seamlessly blend strategic planning with practical implementation, giving our clients a competitive advantage.

Auxis prioritizes client success, a key to our 25+ years of achievement. We guide your journey to peak performance, providing top-tier talent and practical business transformation solutions as a strategic partner.

We excel in managing critical business functions, surpassing typical support. We equip you with tools, knowledge, and experience for operational excellence. Our focus includes enhancing efficiency, optimizing processes, fostering innovation, driving improvement, and implementing controls. We ensure scalability, ultimately positioning your business for success. 

We customize solutions to fit your industry’s needs for smooth operations and business transformations. Auxis provides specialized services, such as virtual audits for restaurants and streamlined revenue cycles for healthcare, ensuring we meet your distinctive requirements. 

We’re not just consultants; we are business operators, offering vital resources and expertise for successful business transformation. Our teams provide personalized recommendations and improvement strategies. Our nearshore outsourcing and managed services ensure effective implementation and access to top digital capabilities and talent.

Middle-market and enterprise firms have distinct characteristics and needs, requiring a tailored approach. Unlike large consulting firms and outsourcers, we focus on delivering customized strategic solutions. Our expertise lies in end-to-end process transformation and innovative technology solutions, leading to optimal performance and ROI in each engagement.

Nearshore Pioneer in Latin America

As one of the first to offer IT and business services from the region, Auxis brings deep industry knowledge and unmatched customer experience in serving US companies. Going beyond cost savings, our delivery centers and supporting hubs in Latin America offer highly skilled talent, cultural alignment, improved capabilities, and operational standardization for long term value.

Costa Rica

Discover the unrivaled #1 global shared services destination for the Americas. With access to top talent, a favorable business environment, and robust infrastructure, Costa Rica is the ideal choice for successful nearshore outsourcing.


Tap into the many advantages offered by nearshoring to Colombia, a rising star in the global business landscape. Benefit from the #1 skilled talent availability in LATAM, a business-friendly environment, and advanced infrastructure, which make it a prime choice for outsourcing IT and business services.

Supporting Hubs

Our support hubs offer the best quality, technically skilled talent from top nearshoring destinations including Mexico, Argentina, and Guatemala, and use best practices, technology, and innovation to drive continuous process improvement.

Recognized for the last 8 years

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