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From Integrations to Carve-Outs, Auxis Takes Your M&A Strategy From Vision to Reality
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Unlocking the Full Value of Your Mergers and Acquisitions

After a mergers & acquisitions (M&A) deal closes, achieving the full value of your transaction rests on tactical execution of a proactive, comprehensive carve-out or integration strategy. But driving an initiative of such magnitude isn’t easy, especially while running the business.   

Carving a standalone, middle-market company out of a large corporation is equally challenging. Typically, new operations must be built from the ground up – weaving together a brand-new operating model, standard operating procedures, infrastructure, talent, and systems for every business function.  

With so much complexity, the success rate of M&A acquisitions is less than 30%, according to Harvard Business Review – not even a coin toss.  

Auxis M&A Services can help.  

With a results-driven operational approach, Auxis focuses on making your merger integration or carve-out vision a reality. From people to processes to technology, we do the heavy lifting required for success – including synergy capture, system integration, and organizational realignment.  

As trusted advisors, former industry operators, and hands-on BPO providers, we bring the tools, experience, and deep industry knowledge you need to strategize a best-in-class approach, manage your deal’s unique complexities, and execute the value creation plan faster and with greater certainty. 

We leverage best practices to optimize your new operation, honed by more than 25 years of functional expertise. We also have a proven track record of capturing efficiencies and improving performance by successfully layering new technology like automation, cloud, and analytics into corporate strategy and operations.  

Key to your success is our strong project management office which holds the overall roadmap, translating the strategic plan into a disciplined implementation process. Our proven methodology defines and mitigates risk by workstream, ensuring diverse business functions remain aligned toward a common goal.  

We also believe rolling up our sleeves is integral to flawless execution: providing “boots on the ground” to perform many carve-out and integration-related tasks at your organizations.  

Ranked in the elite Outsourcing Global 100 by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), you can rely on Auxis to help plug operational holes in carve-outs, quickly improve value in inefficient operations, and address labor shortages. Our high-performance shared services centers in top nearshore hubs offer the top talent, digital capabilities, and best practices to quickly stand up a complete team to run critical business operations including finance and accounting, information technology, human resources, customer service, and more.  

The result: minimal business disruption, expedited execution, optimized operations, realized synergies, and deal value that is captured with confidence. 

Increasing revenue and growth, improving operational efficiency, and better meeting market expectations rank as the top reasons for making an acquisition in today’s business environment.

- Source: Citizens 2023 M&A Outlook

Our M&A Carve-Out and Integration Services

From project leadership to tactical support, Auxis offers multiple avenues of support to help you achieve a successful M&A integration or carve-out, while continuing to run your business:

Our M&A Integration and Carve-Out Principles

Establish a high-performance, dedicated team

Implement a disciplined approach with strong project management

Simplify & streamline operations

Focus on key risks & develop mitigation plans

Perform timely, comprehensive change management

Identify and leverage best practices for new and existing organizations

Our Recommended M&A Cycle Approach

Our well-defined and disciplined M&A methodology incorporates proven steps for creating real value throughout your carve-out or integration process.

Farther along in your shared services journey? Auxis also can support implementation of a strategy you already defined, or optimization and automation of your established GBS or shared services organization:

Recognized for the last 8 years

Our Industry-Driven Approach

Our unique perspective as former industry operators, experienced advisors, and BPO providers delivers unmatched insights into the trends, challenges, regulations, processes, and technology unique to the industries you invest in. We work with organizations across industries including:

Trusted by Leading Organizations from Mid-Market to Enterprise

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Client Experiences

The Auxis Difference

Why Auxis is Different from Other M&A Carve-out & Integration Services

With 25+ years of M&A and business transformation experience, Auxis understands the complexities, pitfalls, execution order, and proper places to focus our efforts to realize the full value of your acquisition. Our dedicated and qualified teams have deep experience supporting end-to-end carve-out and integration journeys: strategizing and managing a successful roadmap; identifying and mitigating risks; integrating or standing up optimized operations; and ensuring a diverse, global network of workstreams remain aligned toward a common goal.  

Too often, synergies identified during a deal’s due diligence phase aren’t realized during integration. Auxis brings the tools, people, and experience to take your M&A vision from strategy to reality. Our well-defined and disciplined integration methodology incorporates proven steps for identifying, prioritizing, executing, and tracking synergies throughout integration to create real value and sustainable growth.  

We understand the unique demands of your industry – and we tailor our solutions to meet your distinctive challenges and opportunities. Leveraging our extensive experience as advisors, BPO operators, and industry veterans, we bring unmatched insights into the best practices and operational strategy for achieving breakthrough performance faster and more cost-effectively in your new organization.  

We don’t just come in to advise, we can become your operational partners, providing you with the people, tools, and best practices needed to successfully bring you step-by-step through your business transformation journey. Our white-glove consulting teams deliver specific recommendations and an implementation roadmap to improve, innovate, and create a competitive advantage in your new operations. Our tailored nearshore business process outsourcing solutions empower long-term growth by providing effective implementation, operational excellence, and fast access to the latest digital capabilities and top talent. 

While Asian-based outsourcing models solely focused on labor arbitrage may work for larger parent organizations, their commoditized, volume-driven approach lacks the flexibility that smaller, carved-out companies require. Choosing a partner with deep experience supporting the unique needs of a newly independent, middle-market organization is a better strategic fit. Auxis brings the customized solutions and end-to-end process transformation capabilities that maximize performance in mid-sized business operations – ensuring real benefits and ROI from every engagement. 

We are nearshore outsourcing pioneers, recognized annually on IAOP’s Outsourcing Global 100 list, and continue to stand out as one of the only market leaders with a robust nearshore model. We deliver the high-quality talent, cultural alignment, outstanding English proficiency, and time zone compatibility to optimize existing operations or stand up new organizations quickly and efficiently. We also provide instant, flexible access to a high-quality resources with specialized skillsets in automation, analytics, cybersecurity, and more that are difficult or too expensive to hire in the U.S.  Capturing the significant labor arbitrage of our Latin American locations supports your optimization efforts, allowing you to reinvest some of your cost savings. 

We take a business-led approach to technology innovation in your business operations, strategically layering intelligent automation, machine learning, advanced analytics, and more to enable agile decision-making and support your greater organizational goals. At a time that most digital transformation efforts fail, we bring the skills, resources, and experience to ensure effective implementation, sustainable improvements, and organizational adoption.   

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