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Outsource Accounts Receivable Services: Accelerate Cash Flow and AR Efficiency

Consider this: 93% of companies are experiencing outstanding payments from customers, with the average organization forced to write off 1.5% of its receivables, according to PYMNTS Working Capital Playbook.

Improving the efficiency of accounts receivable (AR) operations is vital to steady cash flow. But siloed, manual processes and legacy systems often prevent finance departments from optimizing their AR function – potentially delaying their access to cash and creating negative payment process experiences for their customers.

With more than 25 years of finance transformation experience, Auxis’ Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services have a proven track record of helping organizations access their hard-earned revenue not only faster, but smarter.

Our unique perspective as a hands-on outsourcing services provider brings unmatched insights for optimizing business processes and right-sizing operations to achieve peak performance. We deliver best practices including centralized shared services operations, standardization, automation, and analytics to help clients speed the AR process, recover overdue accounts, apply collected payments on time, and resolve disputes without damaging customer relationships.  

Partnering with Auxis also helps companies combat soaring labor costs and hiring challenges plaguing the U.S. finance and accounting industry, without sacrificing performance. Our highly skilled, qualified teams deliver instant access to a deep pool of top finance talent in leading nearshore destinations with exceptional English proficiency and deep experience performing AR financial processes for a wealth of clients across industries.

Our location in the top nearshore markets creates time zone compatability as well, making it easy to communicate with customers.

The result: A strategic, cost-effective AR solution that increases working capital; delivers real-time insights on critical metrics like past-due customer invoices and operating cash flow; and improves customer satisfaction.

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83% of C-level executives believe their AR teams have become more crucial to their enterprise’s overall success, but only 44% believe AR has the necessary tools, resources, and skills to thrive in the current environment.

- Source: CPA Practice Advisor 2023 Report

IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 Recognition Badge

Recognized for the last 8 years

IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 Recognition Badge

Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services: Improve and Standardize Your AR Process

By establishing a process-oriented approach toward Order to Cash (O2C), Auxis accounts receivable management improves visibility and collaboration across the end-to-end AR cycle, from customer order processing to invoicing and cash application. Our high-quality AR outsourcing services include:

Robust Service-Level Agreements
Maximize Performance

Auxis will work with you to define a strong service-level agreement (SLA) framework customized to your specific needs and drivers. Important accounts receivable SLA metrics often include: 

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

% of AR Balances within Terms

Cash Application Cycle Time

% of Cash Application Accuracy

Released Orders from Hold

Unapplied Cash Balance Per Account

Want to learn more about intelligent automation and other digital transformation opportunities that can maximize the performance of your AR team?

We Bring Cutting-Edge Technology to Help You Work Faster and Smarter

At Auxis, we adapt to your current systems while suggesting additional best-in-class tools to drive higher levels of efficiency, automation, and real-time insights. That includes a full suite of process automation, AI, analytics, and productivity technology, such as: 

Other Critical Digital Solutions that Auxis Works with Include:

Nearshore Pioneers, Located in the Top Destinations of Latin America

With over 25 years of shared services experience in the region, Auxis’ BPO services are provided from Latin America’s top nearshore locations. Our customers receive critical advantages like time zone compatibility, strong cultural affinity, and proven, highly educated finance talent with exceptional English proficiency and familiarity of North American operations.

Round Costa Rica Flag

Costa Rica

Most mature shared services destination in the Americas, with over 350 multinationals providing business services from the country.

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Ranked #1 in Latin America for availability of skilled talent (IMD World Talent Ranking) and #1 for financial attractiveness in LATAM (Kearney Global Services Location Index).

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Supporting Hubs

Our support hubs offer the best quality, technically skilled talent from top nearshoring destinations including Mexico, Argentina, and Guatemala, and use best practices, technology, and innovation to drive continuous process improvement.

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Client Experiences

The Auxis Difference

Why Auxis is Different from Other Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Providers

Leveraging our extensive experience as advisors, BPO operators, and industry veterans, we bring unmatched insights into the best practices and operational strategy for achieving breakthrough accounts receivable performance faster and more cost-effectively. With end-to-end process transformation capabilities and innovative technology solutions, we excel at optimizing the AR process to accelerate cash flow, recover overdue accounts, and resolve disputes without damaging customer relationships. 

We are nearshore outsourcing pioneers, recognized annually on IAOP’s Outsourcing Global 100 list, and continue to stand out as one of the only market leaders with a robust nearshore model. Our global delivery platform in top Latin American hubs like Costa Rica and Colombia combines significant labor arbitrage with high-quality AR talent, cultural alignment, outstanding English proficiency, and time zone compatibility – driving the real-time communication, collaboration, and critical-thinking skills essential to supporting activities across your value chain. 

Our location in top nearshore markets ensures outsourcing doesn’t sacrifice performance, providing certified, highly educated resources trained to U.S. GAAP and IFRS accounting standards that can be difficult or expensive to hire at home. As organizations start to outsource more complex processes, our highly educated team of 200+ accounting professionals offer the knowledge, experience, and critical-thinking skills needed to successfully support more judgment-intensive activities. We also operate an Accounting Center of Excellence comprised of CPAs and top-performing managers focused on maintaining the highest-quality operations through continuous improvement and ongoing support. 

We take a business-led approach to technology innovation in your accounts receivable department, strategically layering intelligent automation, machine learning, intelligent data capture, and more to support your business goals. We also deliver best-in-class analytics tools that enable agile decision-making with real-time visibility into critical metrics like past-due customer invoices and operating cash flow. 

Your success is our success. We tailor our nearshore accounts receivable outsourcing services to match the unique requirements of your business and industry. Through our high-touch delivery model and flexible, results-driven approach, we become an extension of your team – optimizing the AR process, elevating operational visibility, boosting accuracy and compliance, and holding ourselves accountable for value realization. 

With accounting fraud a global concern, we provide best practices and technology to help you strengthen your internal controls and ensure audit readiness, including robust SOX controls for public companies. Benefit from our proven finance operating model that enforces segregation of duties, automated approvals, AI-infused automation for spotting red flags, and much more.  

Your Modernized Accounts Receivable Organization Awaits!

We want to learn more about your organization and help you achieve your goals.  

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