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Don’t Rush Into Implementation: Build a Clear Shared Services Strategy With Auxis

Leveraging the cost savings, process standardization, and digital transformation opportunities of shared services implementation can deliver great rewards amid tightening economic conditions. But rushing into a project without the right strategy is a recipe for disaster – increasing your risk of sub-optimal results or failure. 

Opening a shared services or broader global business services (GBS) organization impacts your entire enterprise, not just the back office departments you are reorganizing. Aligning your executive team behind a strategic vision and business drivers is a critical first step – preventing avoidable push-back from business units, loss of momentum, and significant implementation challenges down the road. 

That’s where Auxis Shared Services Strategy solutions come in. 

Our unique perspective as experienced advisors, hands-on BPO providers, and former industry shared services operators provides you with the unmatched insights, best practices, and proven methodology you need to start your shared services program on the right foot. 

As part of our service delivery, we guide you through the “where” – helping define a location model that makes sense for your business. We also take you step-by-step through the “why,” “what,” and “how” – partnering with your stakeholders to clearly articulate your vision and goals, functional and geographic scope, business case, and optimal operating model (captive or hybrid). In addition, we structure a clear implementation roadmap and timeline.   

We know how to identify the trends and best practices that matter most to your business, assessing your current state and engaging stakeholders to identify high-value improvement opportunities that accelerate your business goals. We also partner with your organization to strategize future-state processes that challenge old assumptions, eliminate non-value-added tasks, layer the right technology into business strategy and operations, and redefine team roles to focus on more strategic work. 

Our skilled and qualified teams have practical experience crafting flexible organizational structures that can handle the complexity that accompanies growth. We also help you adapt your vision to the market factors most likely to impact your shared services model: staying abreast of changing customer demands that require additional scope and strategizing the best opportunities to locate work amid labor shortages. 

Whether you are building a shared services model for the first time or reassessing your current solution, Auxis is the right partner. We not only help you create an efficient back office, but also build shared services organizations that are true business partners for reaching a new level of value and performance. 

42% of shared services leaders are reassessing their location strategy as a result of "work from anywhere” operating models aimed at talent retention.

- Source: 2023 State of the Shared Services and Outsourcing Industry Global Market Report (Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON))

Key Components of a Successful Shared Services Strategy

Whether you are starting a shared services journey for the first time or reassessing a solution that is performing sub-optimally, Auxis takes you step-by-step through key considerations for crafting a well-structured shared services strategy. 










Clearly Understanding Your Vision and Drivers Lays the Foundation for a Successful Strategy

Every organization will have different business drivers and priorities for their GBS or shared services model. Aligning in advance on your specific goals is key to crafting the right solution for achieving your expected outcomes.

What are the key business improvements you aim to achieve from your shared services model?

What to Expect from Your Shared Services Strategy & Operating Model Design Project

At Auxis, we customize every engagement to our clients’ needs and budget. This high-level project plan represents how we typically structure a Shared Services Strategy & Design project:

Farther along in your shared services journey? Auxis also can support implementation of a strategy you already defined, or optimization and automation of your established GBS or shared services organization:

A Deeper Exploration of Shared Services in Latin America

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The Auxis Difference

Why Auxis for your GBS & Shared Services Strategy

Fortune 1000 organizations across industries have relied on Auxis to deliver peak performance in their shared services centers since 1997. We don’t just come in as strategy consultants, we stay on as partners to ensure effective implementation and operational best practices.

As experienced advisors, former industry shared services operators, and hands-on BPO providers, we bring you real-world insights, best practices, digital capabilities, and operational strategies for achieving results-driven outcomes faster and more cost-effectively.

We recognize that one shared services model does not fit all. From fully captive centers to hybrid models, our solutions are customized to your specific needs and desired outcomes – delivering real benefits, continuous improvement, and ROI from every engagement.

Our skilled and qualified teams take you through the end-to-end transformation journey. We combine business and technical knowledge to assess, strategize, and implement intelligent automation, robotic process automation, AI, machine learning, intelligent data capture, workflow tools, analytics, and more aligned to your business goals.  

For customers who opt for a hybrid model with an outsourcing component, Auxis can also serve as your BPO and ITO partner with global experience supporting customers across the world from our nearshore centers in Costa Rica and Colombia. Our turnkey outsourcing solutions provide our clients with access to top talent and best-in-class processes and technologies to achieve optimal performance.

While we also help clients in their global shared services strategy, our experience in the Americas is unparalleled with over 25 years of experience helping North American companies leverage the power of nearshoring from LATAM. Whether you are looking to set up a captive center in the region or leverage a hybrid model, nobody else knows Latin America like we do.

With years of industry experience and consultancy qualifications, we bring subject matter experts across business functions. That includes finance and accounting, information technology, human resources, customer service, and other industry-specific business operations.

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We want to learn more about your organization and help you achieve your goals.  

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Discover why many executives in Corporate America are starting to rethink their current Shared Services location strategy.

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