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Nearshoring to Latin America: Why Costa Rica is the Premier Alternative

November 6, 2019 12:00 pm

Finance, IT, Customer Service and more

Managing an Asia-based offshore model can be a very challenging and daunting endeavor, even for the largest and more seasoned U.S-based companies. Long distances, language barriers and time zone differences are just some of the issues executives face when dealing with traditional off-shore outsourcing operations.

As more and more companies realize this, Latin America has emerged as a preferred Shared Services & Outsourcing destination, with Costa Rica being one of the major players. Learn what makes Costa Rica the premiere nearshore destination for US based companies and how you can leverage its competitive advantages as an outsourcing destination.

What was covered:

  • Relevance of outsourcing and nearshoring for US based companies.
  • Nearshoring to Latin America: Specific advantages of nearshore outsourcing over traditional offshore outsourcing models.
  • Costa Rica as the premier nearshore outsourcing destination in Latin America.
  • Savings you can expect when nearshoring to Costa Rica.
  • About auxis’ outsourcing center in Costa Rica.