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Case Study

Global Transportation Company Reduces Back Office Accounting Costs

Client Profile

Multi-billion dollar US division of a global transportation company

Business Challenge

Client faced intense competition and eroding profit margins. They needed to streamline and reduce costs associated with back office processing functions. Hampering its ability to compete was a highly decentralized, inefficient and expensive accounting function.

Solution & Approach

Auxis helped redesign and streamline core accounting functions such as credit, collections and general accounting to a centralized, offshore processing environment.The team performed a detailed analysis of current operational activities spread out among 46 locations across the United States; redesigned key operating processes to function in a more centralized manner; and reorganized related job tasks into team structures with more narrowly defined responsibilities and performance targets. Auxis also managed the design and implementation of technology solutions to enable the seamless hand-off of documents and work tasks to team members working offshore. These technology solutions captured detailed audit trail information to provide greater visibility to overall and individual service-level performance.


Client successfully migrated 160 accounting positions to a more cost effective, efficient offshore operating model. Operating costs were reduced by 46 percent with an investment payback period under three years.