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2/10/21 12:36 PM

Outsourcing Myths: Why Big Outsourcing Companies Can Fail You

Size does matter when it comes to your outsourcing partner - but not in the way you may think. Many executives often believe that working with big outsourcing companies is always the best (and...

1/6/21 5:01 PM

8 Smart Tips for Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

Enterprises have long leveraged Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to keep up with the modern business world's break-neck pace. High-quality BPO not only boosts the productivity and efficiency of...

12/16/20 5:00 PM

The Benefits of Nearshoring DevOps for U.S. Companies

DevOps is no longer just a buzzword, but an integral part of progressive IT organizations. Enterprises at the forefront of the Digital Age know that infusing IT with highly skilled DevOps resources...

12/2/20 5:00 PM

Outsourcing DevOps: Why Nearshoring Teams Make Sense, Part 1

Speed is everything in the modern business world – and DevOps is quickly emerging as the elixir that enables IT organizations across every industry to operate at higher speeds with excellent...

6/29/20 5:01 PM

Nearshore Outsourcing Benefits After COVID-19

Even before COVID-19, nearshore back office models were gaining momentum as the go-to solution for many forward-thinking organizations in the U.S. But the impact of the pandemic has only heightened...

6/18/20 5:00 PM

COVID-19 Spotlights Issues with Outsourcing to India

COVID-19 is forcing organizations to rethink the challenges of migrating back office operations overseas. Pandemic lockdowns spotlighted a critical issue with offshoring to India and other Asian...

2/10/20 3:27 PM

[Interview] Redefining Outsourcing through Nearshoring & Innovation

Auxis CEO Raul Vega was interviewed by Insights Success Magazine in the context of Auxis being awarded as one of The Most Admired Companies to watch in 2019. Read a summary of the interview below:

11/6/19 1:17 PM

Costa Rica Facts: The Top 10 Things You Should Know

What do you know about Costa Rica? Although it’s true that most people associate Costa Rica with palm trees, rain forests, its natural beauty, a diverse landscape bordered by two oceans and access to...

10/11/19 5:16 PM

Traditional Outsourcing Vs. Successful Outsourcing

Outsourcing is no longer just about cost savings. It’s an undeniably strategic tool that enables companies to capitalize on the world’s evolution into a smaller, more tech-savvy place

8/1/19 9:08 AM

Why Outsourcing is the Right Move for Your Organization

Simply put, outsourcing is the practice of delegating work normally performed within a company to an outside firm – it’s a concept that’s pretty familiar to most executive teams. Even small...

6/18/19 2:08 PM

Is Outsourcing the Secret to Digital Transformation Success?

It doesn’t take most businesses long to grasp “going digital” is easier said than done. Forward-thinking businesses understand that the path to becoming future-proof in today’s global business...

4/11/19 4:18 PM

Why Nearshoring is the Next Big Thing in Outsourcing

Traditionally, offshoring business processes and software development to another country has always been seen as a viable alternative to doing the work in-house, mainly because outsourcing has always...

4/2/19 10:45 AM

Raul Vega: "Before Thinking in AI You Need to Master RPA"

Recently, Auxis CEO, Raul Vega, sat down for an interview with Nearshore Americas about what’s happening in the nearshore space for their new Faces in the Crowd section.

2/13/19 9:30 AM

Auxis' Report on Finance Labor Cost Savings: NYC vs. Costa Rica

A new Auxis study uncovers 50+ outsourcing finance cost savings by comparing NYC vs. Costa Rica labor costs.  There’s a major shift happening in corporate Finance Departments, and it’s leaving New...

6/12/18 9:14 AM

4 Reasons to consider Nearshoring Vs Offshoring

Shared Services and Outsourcing have both proven to be a great business model for reducing operating costs and gaining greater operational scalability for your back office while maintaining a high...

9/20/16 3:59 PM

Why should you Optimize your Back Office Operations in Latin America?

Latin America is rich in opportunities, from growing market reach to rationalizing operating costs, but these opportunities are not exempt from related challenges.

8/13/16 4:45 PM

Location, Location, Location: Is the Nearshore Option Right for You?

When companies begin to develop their Global Business Services (“GBS”) strategy, the first question that typically comes up is, “What locations will provide the most value?”

8/5/16 4:32 PM

Can middle market companies afford to waste time in low value work?

Mid-market enterprises (MMEs) are like the Rodney Dangerfield of the business world, “They don’t get no respect!”

8/1/16 1:06 PM

Building a Strong Outsourcing Operation: The Customer Perspective

As an experienced service provider, we think we understand what makes a good outsourcing operation. We focus on service levels, customer service, managing cost and attrition, and profitability.

7/29/16 1:25 PM

Using SLAs to Effectively Manage Vendor Performance

According to Deloitte’s annual “Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey,” the biggest concern of companies considering outsourcing is their ability to effectively manage supplier performance.