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Read Auxis’ Guide to Start Managing IT for Business Value


Fabiana Corredor

Vice President of Marketing

Managing IT for business value has become a true challenge for most organizations struggling to keep up with the change in a cost-effective way.

Through the years, we’ve seen how Information Technology (“IT”) keeps increasing in complexity because, in this highly competitive world, executives need to rely more and more on technology to manage critical information and operations.

Most executives expect IT functions to work well, do what they’re designed to do, and be available when you need them. Executives have clear expectations for their business systems and technology infrastructure to get the most value from their IT investment. But what happens when an organization isn’t ready for effective IT Management?

How to Start Managing IT for Business Value

One of the most prominent challenges executives face to run effectively the Information Technology department is understanding the actual value of IT to the organization. The pandemic disruptions have only increased the need for traditional corporate IT departments to emerge as true strategic partners.

Companies will only be ready to start managing IT for business value when they start treating IT like any other well-run part of the business. The activities to operate the IT function must be clearly understood, responsive, accountable, predictable, measurable, and return value on its investment.

How to Get the Most Value from Your IT Investment

IT functions must be more proactive, flexible, and reliable to get the most value out of your investment. A strong leadership, vision, and business understanding are required to achieve these goals.

The results will improve productivity, satisfy business users and customers, and achieve effective IT investment management. All of this while having an IT operation focused on the needs of the business, today and in the future.

By following Auxis’ Fundamentals of IT Management, you can establish and maintain an IT organization that provides the value and performance that your business needs.

If you would like to learn more, download our free whitepaper.

5 Fundamentals To Getting the Most Value From Your IT Investment

Written by

Fabiana Corredor
Vice President of Marketing
Fabiana leads the marketing organization at Auxis, supporting all practices including consulting and outsourcing. Her areas of expertise include Finance Transformation, Shared Services, Nearshore Outsourcing, and Intelligent Automation. Fabiana started her career in Management Consulting in Ernst & Young in Latin America, and then transitioned to the Consulting team at Auxis, supporting the delivery of multiple client transformation initiatives across different industries before moving into marketing and business development. Fabiana is very passionate about helping CFOs and senior executives design customized back-office solutions to operate at peak performance. Originally from Venezuela, Fabiana moved to the United States in 2012 when she started working for Auxis.

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