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Case Study

Retail IT Support for Global Luxury Brand

Client Profile

This Auxis client is a globally recognized French luxury goods manufacturer based in Paris with a rich heritage dating back to the 1800s. This client has earned acclaim in the retail industry for its exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to quality across various products, including leather goods, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, and ready-to-wear collections.

Operating in 45 countries, boasting a network of over 300 boutiques worldwide and employing more than 20,000 individuals, this brand is synonymous with exclusivity and sophistication. The brand is known for catering to a discerning clientele with specific needs and expectations.

Business Challenge

Need for a reliable, bilingual IT service desk to gain a competitive edge

The client faced a unique set of challenges in its quest for a reliable IT service desk partner. The company sought a provider that could provide a highly qualified retail IT support team which could deliver services across the diverse time zones of their US and Latin America (LATAM) stores. 

Given the discerning nature of the client’s customers, the outsourcing provider needed to deliver customized retail solutions tailored to the luxury boutiques’ unique needs. Unlike typical contact center support profiles, this required specialized services aimed at meeting the high expectations of their judicious customers. 

The client’s primary focus was on delivering top-tier IT support for their stores, especially for point-of-sale (POS) systems and assistance with issues like connectivity or printing problems. The reliability of these systems was critical for delivering seamless retail services, preventing potential sales losses, and maintaining the positive perception of the brand, and delivering an exceptional customer experience. 

With the requirement for support during working hours across multiple time zones, bilingual support in English and Spanish, and rapid resolution of incident tickets, the client faced the challenge of finding a partner who could meet these needs seamlessly. They found a partner in Auxis that wouldn’t just meet their needs but exceed them. 

Solution & Approach

Structured and skilled L1 support team covering multiple retail locations

Auxis developed a comprehensive plan to address their challenges by providing structured and skilled support through dedicated service desk level 1 agents fluent in both English and Spanish.  

Ensure Daily Support

To accommodate global operations, Auxis planned to provide support services seven days a week during business hours and beyond. The key responsibilities of these agents would include: 

  • Gathering incident and request information 
  • Troubleshooting end-user-related incidents 
  • Communicating with third-party vendors  
  • Resolving escalation cases based on agreed procedures 
  • Generating customer reports 
  • Various IT-related activities assigned by the client’s management team 

Collaborative Training

Auxis’ strategy included developing a comprehensive knowledge base for service desk support agents. By collaborating with the client, Auxis would create a training manual to establish a foundation for all future training sessions.


An efficient, scalable service desk enabling multi-location operational efficiency

Auxis’ experience working with specialty clients created a solid foundation for our solution to succeed.
Auxis’ commitment to providing not only a tailored service desk solution, but also a structured and
scalable approach, helped us meet the evolving needs of this high-end luxury brand.

This partnership demonstrated impactful results:

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Retail IT Support for Global Luxury Brand

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