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Case Study

Managed IT Services for Nonprofits: Transform IT Support 

Client Profile

The client is a globally renowned nonprofit organization whose positive impact spans across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

With a mission centered on providing affordable housing solutions, the client engages in diverse programs, including home construction, neighborhood revitalization, disaster response, and financial education.

Through these initiatives, the client addresses the multifaceted challenges of homelessness and poverty, offering not just shelter but the tools for sustainable living. With decades of experience and tireless dedication, the client continues to be a beacon of hope, empowering communities to build better futures.

Business Challenge

Nonprofit Organization in Need of Technology Solutions

Many nonprofit organizations have unique needs and challenges and require a managed service provider with comprehensive support and the expertise to tailor solutions. The nonprofit client was seeking a new partner to assist with their service desk, technology infrastructure, security, and monitoring. They were facing multiple issues with their previous Managed Service Provider (MSP), including lack of personalization, attention to detail, effective communication, and management support. This led to a host of challenges:

  • The service desk displayed a lack of flexibility in handling support requests, as well as non-responsiveness to the client’s specific needs, led to delays in resolving service tickets, and diminished user satisfaction.
  • The client’s infrastructure, predominantly based on Azure, demanded a provider with not only technical expertise but also the ability to manage and optimize the technology effectively.
  • The complexity of managing a global IT infrastructure across various regions and time zones compounded the challenges, requiring a comprehensive and streamlined approach.

The decision to transition to a new MSP was not just due to the limitations of the existing provider but also to proactively seek cloud solutions to enhance client satisfaction and address the unique requirements of worldwide monitoring and Azure-managed services.

The client recognized the need for a partner capable of aligning with its mission while providing personalized, efficient, and responsive managed IT services to ensure seamless global operations. In response to these challenges, the client strategically chose Auxis as its new MSP, marking the beginning of a collaborative journey to transform IT support and fortify the organization’s capabilities in delivering impactful programs worldwide.

Solution & Approach

Building a Technology Strategy and Transformation Roadmap

Auxis addressed IT support challenges with a strategic plan to improve efficiency, enhance communication, and provide a seamless experience. Each facet of the solution was designed to align with the client’s unique needs and foster a true partnership:

Auxis initiated the transformation journey with an in-depth initial assessment, involving extensive collaboration with key users and stakeholders to gain insights into the organization’s specific pain points and expectations. This provided a comprehensive understanding of the client’s operational landscape, aiding Auxis in establishing a strategic roadmap for the following steps:

Expanding contact methods

Recognizing the importance of diversified communication channels, Auxis introduced a variety of contact methods; integrating email, Microsoft Teams chat, and phone calls to augment the contact center experience.

Global infrastructure monitoring

Auxis implemented LogicMonitor, a robust infrastructure monitoring tool, granting real-time access to the client’s global IT landscape. This integration was pivotal in proactively detecting and responding as issues arise, ultimately minimizing downtime and ensuring the uninterrupted flow of operations.

Continuous improvements and streamlined onboarding

Recognizing the critical role of the staff in the service delivery chain, Auxis focused on continuous improvements. Auxis streamlined the new hire process, optimizing staff augmentation for more efficient and effective onboarding of team members.

Effective communication and service level review

To establish a practice of effective and constant communication, Auxis incorporated regular weekly and monthly Service Level Review (SLR) sessions. This framework’s goal was to foster a collaborative approach to address emerging issues quickly.


Better End-User Support, Proactive Infrastructure Monitoring, and Minimal Downtimes

The implementation of Auxis’ proposals led to a profound transformation in the client’s IT support landscape.

Improved infrastructure & 95% customer satisfaction

  • Real-time dashboards provided the client’s Information Technology team with immediate insights into network performance to monitor and address issues promptly.
  • The improved technological upgrades enhanced the overall IT team experience, streamlining infrastructure and security tasks

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Managed IT Services for Nonprofits: Transform IT Support