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IT Transformation Strategy: 5 Steps to Modernize IT Ops

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Raul Vega

Founder, CEO

Even before COVID-19, the drumbeat was growing among leading enterprise organizations that it was time to rethink the traditional corporate IT Department. The pandemic disruptions have only accelerated the need for IT to transform from functional experts into a true strategic partner that can help a business chart a new way forward in the post-coronavirus era.

Download our guide for actionable advice IT leaders can use to shed the old, reactive, “keep the lights on” approach and redefine their department as a “Business Enablement Powerhouse” infused with a strong commercial mindset, true business insight, and accelerated speed to market.

Rethinking Corporate IT Guide: 5 Simple Strategies for Transforming IT into a Business Enablement Powerhouse

Learn how the traditional IT structure creates organizational roadblocks that threaten the success of digital transformation efforts. Then benefit from 5 simple strategies that can help IT deliver on day-to-day demands while freeing critical team members to focus on the activities that deliver commercial value to the organization.

Our roadmap will help IT leaders:

  1. Incorporate robust performance management principles and ITIL practices into your organization.Some simple steps can transform IT from a structure that’s reactive and based on “best efforts” into a well-run operation that’s proactive, systematic, process-driven, and data-oriented.
  2. Implement a modern High-Performance Service Desk to simplify and streamline end-user support. Move past the “break and fix” approach that characterizes outdated “help desk functions.” Learn how to resolve 80% of user issues while drastically reducing the involvement of engineers and senior technical team members
  3. Implement a Modern IT Operations Center to take point on day-to-day operational activities. An ITOC isn’t just a NOC with a fancy new name. A highly functioning ITOC creates the foundation for stable, well-controlled operations, becoming the “Eyes and Ears” of a properly managed IT environment. However, it must be structured correctly to enable an IT Department’s transformation into a Business Enablement Powerhouse.
  4. Build a collaborative service delivery ecosystem that seamlessly combines internal resources with third-party partners. Despite the overall high unemployment rates reported during the pandemic, the shortage of skilled IT workers continues to reach unprecedented levels. But even at full staff, overworked IT operations struggle to stay current in every area amidst the breakneck speed that business and technology changes occur. Establishing a hybrid service delivery ecosystem gives organizations the edge they need to compete in the modern business world.
  5. Implement Agile and DevOps principles and practices. Speed is everything in today’s business world – and the ability to keep pace is a critical component of an IT Business Enablement Powerhouse. Adopting foundational Agile and DevOps practices better aligns IT with customer needs and speeds development cycles.

Written by

Raul Vega
Founder, CEO
Raul Vega is the CEO at Auxis and an executive consultant focused on helping executive teams modernize their operating models to meet the increasing demands of today’s business environment. Throughout his 30-year career, Raul has worked with over 200 clients across 30+ countries and successfully led business transformation initiatives in multiple industries, including consumer goods, industrial manufacturing, retail, transportation, telecommunications, among others. His clients have ranged from Fortune 100 multi-nationals to private equity backed middle market organizations.

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