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Case Study

Global Shared Services Leverages Auxis’ UiPath Certified Developers to Accelerate its RPA Journey

Client Profile

Our client is a multinational, publicly-traded, credit reporting agency that offers risk modeling, identity theft protection, and verification solutions to businesses and individuals. Based in the U.S., its revenue exceeds $4.1 billion, with more than 11,000 employees worldwide. The client aims to provide unique data assets, technology, and analytics that help people and businesses live their financial best.

Turning to Auxis for Our Finance Transformation Expertiseturning to Auxis for Our Finance Transformation Expertise

As part of its digital transformation efforts, the client had established an internal Global Center of Excellence (CoE) in Costa Rica to implement RPA with the UiPath platform, starting with the deployment of optimization opportunities within its Shared Service Center.

Despite their deep experience in RPA, the client lacked functional expertise in Purchase To Pay (P2P) and reached out to Auxis to help them assess and identify the biggest automation opportunities in their P2P organization.

Leveraging our more than 24 years of experience in finance transformation, Auxis performed an in-depth assessment of the Purchase To Pay function and delivered a list of prioritized automation opportunities that uncovered savings of more than 20% of the overall cost of the current operation.

Webinar Recap

Achieving Hyperautomation with UiPath: Your Roadmap for Scaling RPA the Right Way

Establishing a Hybrid RPA CoE by Utilizing Auxis’ Uipath Certified Developers

Armed with Auxis’ identified ROI and designed RPA workflows, the client’s CoE was able to develop a substantial automation pipeline for the Finance Department.

Unfortunately, a backlog quickly emerged because the client’s internal UiPath developers lacked the bandwidth to keep up with surging automation demand.

Months after the initial RPA assessment, the client turned to Auxis to leverage our proven UiPath development capabilities from Costa Rica. As one of the first UiPath implementation partners to join the elite group of UiPath Services Network (USN) Partners in the Americas, Auxis had the talent and expertise to quickly customize a successful hybrid RPA delivery solution.

Within a week, Auxis UiPath Certified Developers were working as a seamless extension of the client’s internal CoE to successfully build and deploy automation.

By implementing a hybrid RPA development model with Auxis, the client was able to:

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