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Auxis Achieves Exclusive UiPath Services Network Partner Certification

Auxis announced that it is one of the first U.S. organizations to be recognized as a UiPath Services Network (USN) Partner.

Joining an elite minority of UiPath Partners that have achieved this level of certification, Auxis is uniquely positioned to help clients successfully accelerate their automation programs

Fort Lauderdale, FL – July, 13th 2020. Auxis, a leading outsourcing and consulting firm focused on achieving peak performance in back office operations, announced today that it is one of the first UiPath implementation partners to achieve the Services Network (USN) Certification. Currently, only 22 UiPath partners have been certified worldwide by the exclusive program.

Auxis joins an elite network of business partners accredited with advanced service delivery skills on par with the exceptional quality offered by UiPath’s internal professional services team. UiPath is the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company worldwide, with nearly 25% market share. To be certified as a UiPath Services Network Partner, Auxis had to meet rigorous requirements that include validated customer references and role-based evaluation and testing.

Organizations that collaborate with USN Partners to support their RPA journey can be assured that their service delivery provider offers exemplary references, strong RPA skills, and best practices for scaling end-to-end automation for UiPath customers.

Auxis’ clients will also benefit from additional services and support exclusive to USN Partners in key RPA engagement areas like infrastructure, architecture, business process analysis, and development.

“UiPath views Auxis as a long-term, trusted partner for our organization and our clients” said Frank Csyz Vice President, Americas Partners at UiPath. “The USN certification not only stands as our endorsement of the outstanding UiPath expertise Auxis has developed but is a testament to its commitment to staying up-to-speed with the most cutting-edge technologies on the market.” 

RPA held its position as the fastest-growing segment in the enterprise software market in 2019, growing 62.9% to $1.4 billion, according to Gartner. Forrester Research predicts that the global COVID-19 pandemic will drive adoption of automation like RPA faster than ever before, taking on new urgency as organizations look to minimize risk and maximize resilience in the post-coronavirus economy. 

At a time of extreme cost-cutting, with 81% of CFOs implementing cost-containment initiatives, only 16% are planning to cut digital transformation investments, according to PwC’s COVID-19 CFO Pulse Survey from May 2020. On the contrary, nearly half of CFOs surveyed aim to accelerate their automation initiatives as they prepare for a post-pandemic world. 

“We’re very proud to be recognized as a UiPath Services Network Partner,” said Raul Vega, Auxis CEO.  “At a time when organizations must accelerate their automation efforts to stay nimble and scalable, our 23 years of business transformation experience uniquely positions Auxis to bring tremendous value to our RPA customers at every step of their automation journey.”

The new USN certification isn’t the only reason Auxis stands out from other RPA UiPath Partners. Not only has Auxis implemented hundreds of robots across 10+ different industries, but it is also a long-time operator of the software. Auxis has vast experience applying UiPath within its internal BPO Nearshore Operation in Costa Rica, where it also established its Intelligent Automation Center of Excellence.  

“Auxis’ ability to deliver RPA solutions under a nearshore model is also a great advantage over other UiPath partners as we bring the ideal combination of cost-effectiveness, quality, and convenience,” said Eduardo Diquez, Auxis Consulting Director for Intelligent Automation.

Some service delivery providers fail to grasp the full capabilities of UiPath software because their expertise is spread across many RPA platforms. However, Auxis made a decision more than five years ago to develop deep expertise and exclusively deploy UiPath for RPA engagements, recognizing its advantages for customers in terms of ease of implementation, flexible pricing, and AI roadmap. 

As a testament to Auxis’ success, more than 90% of its customers choose to expand their initial RPA engagements. Now, as a USN Partner, Auxis is in an even stronger position to continue helping organizations in their RPA journey, from strategy and design to implementation and management under Auxis’ unique onshore/nearshore managed services model. To learn more about Auxis RPA Solutions, please visit Auxis RPA Services

About Auxis

With a 23+-year track record, Auxis is a management consulting and outsourcing firm focused on helping organizations modernize and scale their back office operations through a combination of customized solutions, including Nearshore Outsourcing, Shared Services, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud, and Analytics. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Global Outsourcing providers, Auxis’ unique perspective as both advisor and outsourcing operator allows its clients to obtain real benefits and ROI from every engagement.


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