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Using UiPath Test Suite: Benefits of Automation Testing


Eduardo Diquez

Managing Director of Intelligent Automation, Auxis

Resilient technology leads to a resilient business. UiPath’s Test Suite resolves many of the pain points that plague manual software testing, using a tightly integrated bundle of continuous delivery automation testing tools to increase speed, coverage, and effectiveness.

Traditional manual software testing is a tedious endeavor. It requires multiple tools and an extensive set of activities that force humans to scour application screens, attempt various usage and input combinations, compare results to expected outcomes, and record observations.

Source code changes and situations like multiple operating environments force this time-consuming process to occur repeatedly during the development cycle. Time constraints often shift the focus to task completion instead of test coverage or quality; 32% of developers cite insufficient testing time as the leading cause of software project failures.

Test automation ensures the quality of every Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or application before it goes live – enabling teams to launch resilient robots and high-quality software without testing their patience.

UiPath Test Suite combines the world’s leading RPA technology with best-in-class testing practices that quickly and continuously test robots and applications to uncover underlying issues. That allows developers to proactively fix problems before they impact the business.

Let’s examine the benefits of automation testing – proving why it’s a better way of testing software.

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