Webinar Recap

Achieving Hyperautomation with UiPath: Your Roadmap for Scaling RPA the Right Way

Nearly 8 in 10 organizations had implemented some form of RPA the by end of 2020, with another 16% planning to do so within the next three years according to Deloitte.  With over 50% of Fortune 500 already using UiPath (the leading RPA platform in the world), chances are you are already a customer of UiPath or in the process of evaluating the platform.

Unfortunately, many companies that have embarked on their UiPath journey (or any RPA journey) are struggling to expand their automation from a few robots to a well-run “Hyperautomation” program across the organization.

Watch this session and learn with our automation experts from Auxis, UiPath, Orange, and Equifax the roadmap that organizations should follow to effectively achieve “Hyperautomation” and proven strategies to overcome the different challenges that will present themselves along the way.




What you will learn:

  • What should Hyperautomation look like? – is it the same for every company?
  • What are the tools and governance framework you should use to effectively uncover, prioritize and manage your automation pipeline?
    • Key highlights about Process Mining, Task Mining, and Automation Hub
  • How to build a performance management structure for your robots? (e.g., what are you going to measure and why?)
  • The importance of defining your post-implementation support model and continuous improvement framework
    • How to structure processes and procedures to ensure issues are addressed timely and effectively within the SLAs
    • Using Test Suite to proactively identify issues caused by application changes
  • Democratizing RPA beyond the COE – The Citizen Developer as the next layer to organizational adoption
  • The Automation Talent Gap
    • Building capabilities internally vs. leveraging a partner
    • Best practices for attracting, training, and retaining top talent
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