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Re-think your back-office.

Globalization, emerging technologies and overall market volatility require you to have a more adaptable, flexible and cost effective business model. You do not have the luxury of an inefficient back office. New approaches are needed to remain successful and maintain sustainable competitive advantage.

The typical back-office spends 80% of their time keeping the lights on. Transactional processing, compliance and internal meetings dominate your day. This leaves only 20% of your capacity for business growth activities such as strategic planning, customer insight and operational analytics. The key to compete is to change this dynamic and increase the amount of resources and time you focus on growing your business.

Shared Services continues to be a well-established strategy for obtaining high performance and improved cost efficiencies from back office operations. Unfortunately, many Shared Services initiatives are not properly implemented and become little more than a corporate-mandated cost cutting exercise.

Auxis brings over two decades of experience helping organizations become more efficient by leveraging the power of Shared Services. Auxis’ founders led the establishment of the first international SSC for PepsiCo in the early 90s, and have since advised hundreds of Fortune 1000 organizations in this arena.

We support you through the entire SSC journey, from strategy and design to implementation and optimization.

Our Solutions:

Our Proven Roadmap for Success

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The Auxis Shared Services Advantage

  • Unique SSC perspective that comes from being both an advisor and hands-on back-office operator

  • Deep shared services and business transformation expertise in the Americas

  • Center of excellence focused – not just about transactional processing and labor arbitrage

  • Performance improvement experts – leveraging technologies and best practices is part of our DNA

  • Emphasis on designing customized, flexible and collaborative back-office solutions - one size does not fit all

  • Knowledgeable, mature team with strong mix of industry and professional services experience

  • Broad, multi-functional expertise and skill sets

  • Cohesive, Multi-lingual, multi-cultural team

  • State-of-the-art, nearshore outsourcing operation in Costa Rica

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We Believe One Size Does Not Fit All

At the end of the day, you need to develop a customized model that fits your business. Auxis functions as an extension of your team focused on delivering tangible and sustainable results:

  • Lower and more variable cost model
  • Streamlined services provided more efficiently
  • Paying appropriately for the work being performed
  • Improved efficiency through process standardization and automation
  • Increased productivity, scalability and flexibility
  • Higher operational visibility and insight
  • Increased focus on Business Growth activities
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