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Auxis: Your UiPath Implementation Partner

With over 24 years of back office optimization experience, Auxis has been one of the first consulting and outsourcing firms in the market to truly incorporate Robotics Process Automation using an approach that allows its clients to start as small as they want, with minimal upfront investment.

After a thorough analysis of the leading RPA software platforms in the market, Auxis decided to formalize a strong partnership with UiPath to be the preferred RPA solution to implement at Auxis RPA Center of Excellence.

The reasons for selecting UiPath include not only the fact that it is one of the strongest platforms in the market but its openness and ease of development with minimal coding knowledge required.

UiPath pricing model is also very flexible with no minimum investment needed, which is a big differentiator compared to other top competitors.

What Makes UiPath Stand Out

The websites, products, and technology of the different RPA software providers may look the same – but they’re not.
We strongly encourage customers to do the same – compare UiPath against competitors in the four key performance and value areas below:

Dart hitting the center of a dartboard icon: Precision & Accuracy

Precision & Accuracy

Battle tested UI Automation technology, based on 10 years of development

Checkmark icon: Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Gives your users a day with UiPath Studio and let them tell you the difference

Gears inside a monitor icon: Flawless Citrix

Flawless Citrix

Excellent Citrix, SAP, Terminal and Mainframes automation support

Money on a hand icon: Price


Best license pricing compared to other market leading providers

How Auxis Can Help

Our versatile team of business process and IT experts have been trained and certified on the UiPath Platform in order to provide you with end-to-end support in your RPA journey from strategy to execution:

Magnifying glass with a chart inside it: Fit Analysis

Fit Analysis

We help you analyze your process and system environment and identify and prioritize the automation opportunities within UiPath.


 Head in profile with a light bulb inside it: Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

Based on the results of the Fit Analysis, we will help you implement a POC by automating one of your processes with UiPath. We’ll provide all you need, from process design to actual configuration and testing.


Monitor with a pie chart inside it: Implementation


After a successful pilot, you are now ready for broader deployment across the organization. This phase of the RPA journey involves an iterative process of business analysis, Uipath configuration, training, and testing.


Tools icon: Ongoing Operations & Management

Ongoing Operations &

As part of our Business Process Outsourcing services, we manage, monitor and continuously optimize your UiPath RPA execution, including infrastructure and system support.


We give you the option to start as small or as big as your budget allows

Traditionally, RPA has been implemented in the BFSI sector with deployments that are characterized by large volumes of robots (hundreds or even thousands!) for a limited number of processes. This approach is very different from the necessities of the back office operation of a consumer goods, retail or manufacturing company.


These companies usually have much smaller back offices (in many cases less than 100 employees), performing multiple processes by a few FTEs per process. These environments require a much more customized and process-oriented approach, with minimal upfront investment. This is where partnering with a UiPath Technology Partner like Auxis becomes a great alternative since we provide our clients with the option to start as small or as wide as they want, depending on their needs and budget.


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AP Automation Demo with UiPath

Watch this short video to learn how our client was able to reduce the processing cycle time of an invoice by 55% while increasing
productivity by over 65% leveraging our customized UiPath RPA solution

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