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Emerging automation technologies such as RPA (Robotics Process Automation), cognitive computing and AI are profoundly impacting and transforming the workforce across all industries.

As organizations realize the increased need for their employees to focus on true value-added activities to compete in today’s digital and complex business environment, the automation of transactional, low-value tasks becomes critical.

What is RPA (Robotics Process Automation)?

At the forefront of human-computer technology, RPA is a capability (software and services) that allows a virtual workforce (“bots”) to transact in any of your company’s systems in the same way a human would, to perform complex, rule based activities.

With robotics, you can automate and build an automation platform for your back office, front office, and support functions!

What is RPA

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What you get


Increased Focus

Your human workforce can be redeployed to more strategic, value-added activities to support your business growth.

30-65% Cost Savings

On average, a robot is a third of the cost of an FTE. Plus “bots” work 24/7/365, don’t take a vacation and don’t quit.

Up to 80%-90%
Productivity Gains

Significantly reduce time to perform tasks, increasing your processing capacity without adding more FTEs


Easy to scale up or down as your organization evolves. Additional bots can be deployed easily and quickly, as opposed to humans


RPA software tools provide detailed performance data, increasing operational visibility and enabling continuous improvement.


RPA runs on top of existing IT infrastructure and requires no IT integration projects, only user access. In many cases, RPA is the solution where traditional time consuming IT implementations were the only answer.

Better Quality and Control

Increase accuracy and compliance by eliminating human errors and recording every action in a process.

Auxis' RPA Services

We support you through the entire journey, starting as your RPA Services implementation consultant, all the way to managing and operating RPA for you under our Business Process Outsourcing model.

RPA Opportunity assessment

Opportunity Assessment

RPA Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

RPA Implementation


RPA Ongoing Operations and Management

Ongoing Operations and Management

RPA Services

Opportunity Assessment

The world of RPA can be confusing. There is a lot of jargon and vendor hype that makes it difficult to figure out the best way to move forward. We help cut through the chase by providing a rapid and practical Opportunity Assessment to help you better understand how RPA works, how it could fit into your operations, and which of your processes or activities are the most attractive to consider.

RPA Robotic process automation

Proof of Concept

The best way to learn about RPA is to start seeing it in action within your operations. Based on the results of the Fit Analysis, we can rapidly implement a “proof of concept” to incorporate the BOTS into one of the processes previously identified in the Fit Analysis. This “hands-on” approach will quickly and cost effectively show you the power and value of RPA, and how it can best work in your operations. As part of the Proof of Concept, we can also help you figure out your overall RPA strategy, governance model, the support structure (e.g. internal versus managed services), and deployment plan.

RPA Implementation


After a successful pilot, you are now ready for broader deployment
across the organization. This phase of the RPA journey involves an
iterative process of business analysis, BOT configuration, training, and testing. We are experts in implanting operational change programs and can support you through the entire implementation lifecycle.

RPA Services consultants

Ongoing Operations and Management

The BOTS are now part of your ongoing operation and like other aspects of your business require ongoing monitoring, support, and tweaking. As part of our Business Process Outsourcing services, we manage, monitor and continuously optimize your robotic process execution, including infrastructure and system support.

Client Success Stories

RPA Industry

Global Manufacturer of Automation and Testing Equipment

RPA Hotel

Leading Media and Publishing Company

RPA Retailer

Leading Apparel Manufacturer & Retailer

RPA Beauty

Global Beauty Products Manufacturer

Process Level 1 Customer Quotes AP Invoice Processing Operational Claims Account Reconciliations
Efficiency Gain 70% 65% 81% 95%
Productivity Gain 87% 70% 75% 86%
Cost Savings 83% 57% 64% 80%
Time to Benefit 2 months 3 months 8 months 3 months

Robotics Process Automation Demo

Watch this short video to learn how our client was able to reduce the processing cycle time of an invoice by 55% while increasing productivity by over 65% leveraging our customized RPA solution



Choosing the Right RPA Platform

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