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Auxis Report: Which Processes Can Be Automated Using RPA

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Fabiana Corredor

Vice President of Marketing

The emerging world of RPA can be confusing. With so much hype and noise associated with automation, there is high demand for proper insights. Organizations are looking for an implementation that guarantees a higher ROI, faster.

During the past five years, companies have learned that RPA can build a better platform for their back office, front office, and customer experience. This allows employees more space and time to focus on value-adding activities by transferring time-consuming processes to artificial intelligence.

The destination is clear, but which processes can be automated using RPA?

Defining the operations and departments you must focus on is vital, and this document is a guide to help you get started the automation journey.

From 1 Process to 60 Processes

Auxis has 24 years of experience implementing IT transformations in business processes. We started executing RPA in our own Nearshore Center in Costa Rica. After mastering it for ourselves, we began providing a flexible and customized model for our clients’ specific needs.

To know precisely where RPA can automate, we have designed a structure and deployment plan with RPA development support.

In this report, we combine our in-depth understanding of RPA, plus hours of implementations. As a result, we highlight 60 processes to consider for automation. Discover how to get started in:

  • Purchase to Pay
  • Order to Cash
  • Record to Report
  • Hire to Retire
  • IT Services

Additionally, in Auxis’ latest report, you will learn where RPA implementation might not be needed.

Download the report by clicking here.

Discover the Opportunities for Robotic Process Automation

Written by

Fabiana Corredor
Vice President of Marketing
Fabiana leads the marketing organization at Auxis, supporting all practices including consulting and outsourcing. Her areas of expertise include Finance Transformation, Shared Services, Nearshore Outsourcing, and Intelligent Automation. Fabiana started her career in Management Consulting in Ernst & Young in Latin America, and then transitioned to the Consulting team at Auxis, supporting the delivery of multiple client transformation initiatives across different industries before moving into marketing and business development. Fabiana is very passionate about helping CFOs and senior executives design customized back-office solutions to operate at peak performance. Originally from Venezuela, Fabiana moved to the United States in 2012 when she started working for Auxis.

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