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IT Labor Cost Savings Report: NYC vs. Costa Rica

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Alvaro Prieto

Senior Managing Director of Technology Services, Founder

CIOs and IT executives in New York are struggling to keep up with the mounting pressure of developing business strategies, identifying new areas for growth, and driving profitability while simultaneously ensuring operational excellence that enables digital transformation. On top of that, the talent gap in the United States is making finding talent increasingly difficult. 

What many don’t know is that these challenges can be mitigated significantly through nearshore outsourcing. To highlight the different ways American companies can benefit from outsourcing IT operations, Auxis has published its IT Labor Savings Report: New York vs. Costa Rica.

IT Outsourcing from New York to Costa Rica: The #1 Nearshore Destination

In our report on NY vs. Costa Rica IT cost savings, we dive into how IT Departments in New York could save over 50% on the majority of technology positions by outsourcing operations to Costa Rica. While New York is undeniably a major technology and innovation hub, the high labor and office space costs are forcing IT executives to reconsider their current location. 

Costa Rica, on the other hand, offers lower labor costs for key positions in the Help Desk, Technical Support, Network, Software Development, Security, and IT Project Management areas. In addition to cost savings, other attractive traits of this Central American country– such as high literacy rates, English proficiency, and cultural compatibility– have contributed to its transformation into the premier Latin American location for nearshore outsourcing. With these factors in mind, it’s come as no surprise that many leading global organizations have established a significant amount of their IT support and back office operations in San Jose over the years.

Going Beyond Labor Savings

While labor savings through outsourcing are important for any company seeking to cut costs, your outsourcing partner should also enable you to obtain similar or better service levels than those you typically achieve with in-house resources. Additionally, outsourcing can improve back-office efficiencies and allow your teams to focus on higher-value activities. In order to help IT executives select the right outsourcing partner and truly make the most of this practice, we have included in our report some key characteristics and principles to look for in an IT outsourcing partner. 

If you’d like to learn more information on the differences in labor costs between New York and Costa Rica, download Auxis’ IT Labor Savings Report: New York vs. Costa Rica today.

New York Labor Savings Report for IT: Creating Value with Nearshore Outsourcing from Costa Rica

Written by

Alvaro Prieto
Senior Managing Director of Technology Services, Founder
Alvaro is one of Auxis’ founders and leads our IT Services Practice, including both Infrastructure Transformation and Application Integration & Development. He brings over 25 years of technology and business experience, helping CIOs across multiple industries achieve Peak Performance in their IT operations through the design and implementation of agile operating models, processes and technologies. Some of his specialties include IT Service Management (Service Catalogs, ITIL, SLAs, Financial Management), Cloud and Data Center Transformation, large Software Implementations, among many others.

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