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Auxis Partners with LogicMonitor to Bring Next-Gen Network Monitoring to Managed Service Clients

Auxis announced the addition of a next-gen monitoring tool powered by LogicMonitor MSP to its IT managed services portfolio.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – (01/19/2023)Auxis, a leading management consulting and nearshore outsourcing firm, is pleased to announce the addition of LogicMonitor’s next-gen solution, LM Envision, to its IT managed services portfolio. As a provider of the leading cloud-based observability platform on the market, LogicMonitor delivers a unified, real-time, intelligent view into all the traffic in a network – supercharging Auxis’ already-stellar ability to keep pace with the speed, flexibility, and scalability of today’s hybrid IT environments and ensure high performance and availability for mission-critical systems and services. 

“With today’s IT landscape more distributed and complex than ever before, offering our customers access to the LogicMonitor solution is a key component of being a next-gen managed services provider,” said Jose Alvarez, Auxis Managing Director of Infrastructure Technology & Cloud. “While Auxis has always delivered operational excellence, LogicMonitor’s automated platform provides unprecedented visibility and intelligence into every part of an environment in a single display. That not only enables us to give clients more transparency and peace of mind about their network health but heightens our ability to foresee future issues before they impact our customers.” 

Traditional network monitoring tools are device-centric, with many MSPs using an average of 10 different solutions targeting networks, cloud applications, servers, and more. Unfortunately, deploying multiple tools creates many pain points, including poor end-to-end visibility, longer average resolution times, and the expense of multiple licenses. 

Auxis chose to implement LogicMonitor’s LM Envision because it wraps a comprehensive experience into a single end-to-end solution, providing granular visibility into infrastructure, logs, and applications – whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. By adding this best-in-class platform to its tool suite, Auxis gains the capacity to automatically discover and monitor thousands of technologies within a customer’s hybrid environment, spot performance issues in real time, and use intelligent forecasting to future-proof a business with forward-thinking recommendations. 

Among its many accolades, LogicMonitor’s platform earned a top spot in G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards, placing 2nd on the Best IT Infrastructure Products list and 87th on the overall Best Software Products list. It ranks #1 for Relationship, Usability, and Momentum on G2’s 2021 Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Grid and is a Market Leader for Customer Satisfaction and Market Presence.

It also earned a 2022 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award from the Business Intelligence Group. 

Most organizations lack the time, resources, or expertise to implement a next-gen monitoring tool in-house. Partnering with an exceptional MSP that uses LogicMonitor’s LM Envision delivers instant access to the 24/7 monitoring, automated alerts, best-in-class processes, and top-notch engineers needed to manage its technical configurations and support. 

It also reduces expense, with MSPs able to spread costs across multiple clients while maintaining data and access multitenancy. 

Other key benefits LogicMonitor delivers to Auxis network management clients include:

  • Automated deployment and configuration for a market-leading 2,000+ technologies, integrating instantly with the devices, technologies, and services an organization relies on, no matter how complex
  • The agentless platform intelligently detects what to monitor in customer environments and auto-configures a solution based on best practices. As a result, it minimizes operational disruptions, gets customers up and running faster, and enables Auxis teams to focus on key services instead of tedious configurations. 
  • Secure monitoring that goes beyond data to deliver actionable insights for the entire tech stack, including automated alert thresholds, AI-powered early warning capabilities, customizable escalation chains, workflows, and more.
  • Automated response that speeds resolution times for low-level decision-making activities like troubleshooting or capacity planning, based on trusted insights derived from AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) features like intelligent data forecasting and flexible reporting. 
  • As clients’ infrastructure rapidly scales to accommodate changing workloads, LogicMonitor’s AI-powered alerts prevent alert storms by distinguishing abnormal deviations from normal fluctuations. 
  • Traditional monitoring solutions offer little transparency to clients, sending sporadic email alerts if issues occur. LogicMonitor enables Auxis to customize dashboards clients can view at any time for real-time visibility into networks and key ITO operational activities like backups, antivirus, and patching – giving stakeholders instant peace of mind. 

“Our cloud-based platform, LM Envision, is indispensable to modern enterprises and MSPs seeking visibility and control of every facet of their tech environment,” said Michael Tarbet, Global Vice President of MSP & Channel, LogicMonitor. “We’re proud to align ourselves with best-in-class managed services providers like Auxis, who have proven their commitment to delivering next-gen network management to their clients.” 

About Auxis

Celebrating its 25th year, Auxis is a management consulting and nearshore outsourcing firm focused on helping organizations modernize and scale their back office operations through innovative processes, technologies, and organizational structures. Its core solutions include Finance and IT Nearshore Outsourcing, Intelligent Automation, Cloud, and Analytics. Auxis maintains delivery hubs in Costa Rica and Colombia, leading nearshore destinations for supporting North America. Trusted by Fortune 1000 organizations across a wide range of industries, Auxis’ unique perspective as both advisor and outsourcing operator allows its clients to obtain real benefits and ROI from every engagement. 

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