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11/2/20 5:00 PM

The Challenges of Digital Transformation (Outsourcing Can Help!)

2020 has certainly been an interesting year. Many companies went into the year planning to “dip their toes” into the Digital Transformation (“DT”) pool, only to be thrown into the deep end.

9/10/19 1:47 PM

Auxis Report: Finance Outsourcing Cost Savings from Costa Rica

After years of running various successful outsourcing operations to Costa Rica, Auxis has witnessed firsthand how this initiative provides several opportunities for companies in the United States....

3/15/19 4:41 PM

Chicago vs Costa Rica: Finance Outsourcing Labor Savings Report

It’s not a secret that Chicago is a high-cost, competitive labor market. This finance outsourcing labor cost savings report aims to provide business executives with a more detailed comparison of...