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2020 Guide: Best RPA Tools And Why UiPath is #1

2/12/20 2:03 PM / by Fabiana Corredor

Fabiana Corredor

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the leading rpa tools in the marketThe last three years were game-changing for robotic process automation. The media and technology analysts published countless articles and studies examining the trend of intelligent automation with RPA software while vendors competed fiercely for new customers the market attracted.

Now, at the start of 2020, many companies are eager to try out RPA for themselves. They desire the cost reduction and productivity gains that enterprises using robotic process automation software have reported. But they may also be confused about a number of points. For example, many organizations in the early stages still don’t understand the true difference in capabilities between one RPA software and the other; or they may have heard that RPA is for only very large corporations, and that the upfront minimum licensing investment can run as high as $100,000 per year, which is not always the case anymore.

The reality is that RPA providers are rapidly and continuously evolving their offerings and pricing models to serve the developing needs of their customers in areas such as process mining, support for attended robots and intelligent automation.




To help those investigating market options quickly find the best  automation tool for their company, here is a list of the top RPA vendors based on the Forrester Wave for Q4 2019:

rpa tools stacked up and categorized by forrester wave

As shown in the figure above, Forrester groups RPA tools into three main buckets based on their overall scores in the categories of: current offering, market presence and strategy.

Leaders Strong Performers Contenders
1. UiPath
2. Automation Anywhere
3. Blue Prism
4. EdgeVerve
5. Softomovie
6. WorkFusion
8. Intellibot
9. Kofax
10. Kryon
11. Pegasystems
12. Servicetrace
13. Another Monday
14. AntWorks
15. SAP


In addition to Forrester, Gartner, in its 2019 Magic Quadrant for RPA, also ranks UiPath as the #1 platform, followed by Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere. These three RPA vendors consistently stack up as the market leaders based on multiple sources and leading research firms. 

In the rest of this article, we will compare these three automation solutions and provide our perspective on why Uipath gives you the most “bot for your buck.”




Let’s start by clarifying that Blue Prism, founded in 2001, was the pioneer in the sector, and coiner of the term “robotic process automation.” A few years later in 2005, UiPath was technically founded under the name “DeskOver” by its CEO & Founder, Daniel Dines. However, it was not until 2015 that it was really born and rebranded as an RPA company

The table below provides a quick snapshot of each of the three RPA tools in terms of revenue, size, employees and valuation:


Year Founded

HQ Location

Annual Revenue



Investments received to date



2005 - rebranded as RPA solution in 2015

New York, NY






Automation Anywhere


San Jose, CA






Blue Prism


Warrington, UK






Given the longer trajectory of Blue Prism, it was initially the go-to solution, especially for the large banking and financial institutions that were the only ones that could afford the high cost of entry into RPA back then before other emerging players entered the mix. 

Years later, more affordable competitors like UiPath and Automation Anywhere came to market with the same (or better) capabilities, increased flexibility and ease of implementation, which allowed the “democratization” of RPA use in companies of all sizes across many industries, including small and midmarket organizations. Today, UiPath and Automation Anywhere have much higher valuations ($7B and $6.8B respectively) than Blue Prism, valued at $976M.

Another interesting source for RPA tools comparison is G2, whose ranking is based on real-time data from verified user reviews. As of 2/5/2020, each of the top three platforms rated as follows:

  • UiPath rates 4.6/5 stars with 3,809 reviews
  • Automation Anywhere rates 4.5/5 stars with 3,183 reviews
  • Blue Prism rates 4.4/5 stars with 137 reviews

To read a more detailed G2 comparison of UiPath vs. Automation Anywhere, click here; for UiPath vs. Blue Prism, click here



Auxis started researching RPA software technologies over five years ago and piloted the three top tools to get first-hand experience of the pros and cons of each. We quickly realized that ease of development was significantly higher in UiPath (and similarly in Automation Anywhere) compared to Blue Prism where coding skills required were notably higher and, therefore, implementation was much more time consuming.


In addition, the attended capabilities of UiPath were unmatched. Even today, attended functionality offered by Automation Anywhere is limited (80% of its use cases are still unattended), and in the case of Blue Prism, almost nonexistent. UiPath delivers the combination of attended and unattended automation that many customers desire.  

Other key factors for selecting UiPath included:

  • Flexible licensing model and low-cost of entry allowing organizations to get started with an annual investment as low as $4,200 a year, equivalent to one attended robot and one studio license. This becomes a huge advantage when putting together the initial business case for automating repetitive business processes, as it helps in getting the payback faster.
  • Openness of the platform and seamless interconnectivity with all types of applications for superior business process management. UiPath offers open APIs, integration with 3rd party analytics and dashboard systems, and the ability to invoke code. 
  • Customer Satisfaction in UiPath’s automation tools is exceptional. Aside from its impressive  G2 ratings, the latest Gartner customer reference survey also ranks UiPath very highly;UiPath received mostly above-average scores in nearly every measure of customer satisfaction. Users cited excellent integration, security and resiliency features.  UiPath also offers ongoing customer service and support, and encourages customers’ success by providing spaces for them to collaborate and solve issues through its UiPath RPA Academy, Community Forum and Slack community channel. 

Five years later, we couldn’t be happier that we chose UiPath as our preferred RPA platform for our own BPO Operation in Costa Rica, as well as for our RPA consulting clients.   

To read some of Auxis’ UiPath client case studies, click here. To schedule a consultation on how Auxis can support you in your RPA journey, click here. 

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Fabiana Corredor

Written by

Fabiana Corredor

Fabiana Corredor has been working with Auxis for over 7 years and is currently part of the Sales & Marketing organization. Fabiana’s areas of expertise include Finance Transformation, Shared Services, Nearshore Outsourcing, and Intelligent Automation. Fabiana started her career in Management Consulting in Ernst & Young in Latin America, and then transitioned to the Consulting team at Auxis, supporting the delivery of multiple client transformation initiatives across different industries before moving into sales. Fabiana is very passionate about helping CFOs and senior executives design customized back-office solutions to operate at peak performance. Originally from Venezuela, Fabiana moved to the US in 2012 when she started working for Auxis.