The true meaning of “Getting The Highest Value” from your Information Technology Investment

In today’s business environment, the management of IT assets and processes often involves the integration of multiple layers of technologies across disparate locations and business functions. And new technologies are always emerging to improve and enable business capabilities that expand the limits of IT knowledge and capacity.

This paper was developed as a guide for readers to understand the benefits attainable by using cross-functional teamwork in strategic sourcing IT initiatives.

Topics Covered:

  • What are the basic tenets of an efficient IT system?
  • How should IT align with the business’s strategy to enable and support business performance?
  • What does IT availability look like for different businesses?
  • What can businesses do to define, monitor, and measure IT performance?
  • How can IT ensure key business information and assets are effectively protected?
  • What are the industry standards that define an effective IT performance model?
  • What steps should your business take to “Make IT Work”?