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Auxis Announces New Findings of 2018 Robotics Process Automation Study

Auxis releases results of its latest RPA survey. The key findings will be of enormous value to organizations who want a more detailed understanding of the capabilities and advantages of RPA, as well as the key challenges companies from all industries are facing this year.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. (August 08, 2018) Auxis, a management consulting and nearshore outsourcing firm focused on helping organizations achieve peak performance in their back office operations, has released the results of its groundbreaking 2018 Robotics Process Automation Survey: Where Are We With RPA. Eric Liebross, Auxis Back Office Optimization Practice Leader, unveiled the results on Wednesday, August 1, as part of a keynote panel discussion at the Intelligent Automation Week Summit, hosted in Chicago.

“We have found that most studies provide a somewhat skewed perspective on RPA, focusing on those larger organizations that are more mature in their RPA deployments. There are still many organizations across all industries and sizes who are still very early in their RPA journeys, and with all the ‘hype and noise’ associated with RPA, they were under-represented,” said Liebross. “This study is our attempt to narrow this information gap by getting beyond the hype of RPA and providing actionable insights for executives embarking on their automation journeys,” he added.

Key findings from the Auxis study include:

  • Most companies are still in the very early stages of their journey, but it’s coming fast – 71% of organizations have at least started to evaluate RPA.
  • Even small and mid-market companies are taking advantage of this technology due to its significant benefits with a relatively low investment up front.
  • RPA provides a quick ROI compared to traditional IT projects – 70% recovered their investment during the first year.
  • The top drivers for implementing RPA are process efficiency (94%) and improved accuracy (85%); cost reduction and increased strategic focus are close behind (84% each).
  • On average, organizations reported cost savings of 40% and productivity gains of 41%.
  • 70% of respondents leveraged a 3rd party expert to get started.
  • Finance & Accounting is the early “pioneer” of RPA and the top penetrated function (79%), followed by HR (57%) and Customer Service (55%).
  • Restructuring the current organization to achieve the expected benefits from RPA was stated as the top implementation challenge

“We believe that this information will be of enormous value to organizations who want a more detailed understanding of the capabilities and advantages of RPA, as well as the key challenges,” Liebross explained. “While RPA adoption is still in its early stages, many organizations should now be planning on how to get started, and learning from the experiences of others will help make for a more successful initiative,” he added.

To download the full survey report, click here

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Auxis brings over 20 years of experience in Shared Services & Business Process Optimization, providing clients with a practical, cost-effective approach to successfully implement RPA across their organization. Auxis is a certified UiPath partner, one of the top 3 RPA software platforms, and one of the Top 100 Global Outsourcing Providers by IAOP. For additional information, visit:

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