Nearshore Outsourcing: Leverage our 25+ Years of Experience in the Region

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Nearshore outsourcing services go beyond cost savings, helping you improve business performance and maintain sustainable competitive advantages. Attractive labor costs, strong talent pool, multilingual skills, and time/geographic proximity are some of the reasons driving this trend. Schedule a free consultation with our team to discuss your interest in the region and share with you our 25+ years of experience helping organizations leverage Nearshore Outsourcing to expand their access to talent while achieving cost efficiencies, scalability and better strategic focus.

What we will cover:

  • Ideal countries to nearshore in Latin America based on your specific needs.
  • Functions/processes you are interested in nearshoring and what type of talent is available in each country.
  • Leading BPO partners in Latin America - how is Auxis different?
  • Pros/cons of building a Captive Shared Services versus a BPO model.
  • Different outsourcing models: Nearshore vs offshore, onshore, and pros/cons of each.
  • Typical labor savings you should expect from partnering with a Nearshore Company.
  • Technologies and best practices to enable additional efficiencies (eg. Robotic Process Automation).
  • Typical implementation timeline and steps to prepare a proposal for your consideration.
  • Answer any questions.