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Helping Organizations Embrace the Future with Resilient Managed Data Centers

In today’s digital world, managed data centers have become the backbone of modern organizations, facilitating critical access to information that fuels business operations and innovation. The significance of a managed data center in enabling seamless access to valuable data cannot be overstated. However, with the increasing reliance on digital data and the complexity of managing diverse infrastructures, ensuring uninterrupted access to this vital resource has become a pressing challenge. 

As businesses embrace the digital era, they encounter dynamic requirements that put immense strain on data centers hosting architectures. The integration and complexity of diverse technologies, including on-premises legacy operating systems, virtual setups, hyper-converged solutions, private and public clouds, and colocation facilities, has further intensified the need for well-managed, efficient, high availability and adaptable data center operations teams. 

Moreover, IT leaders find themselves grappling with the demand to optimize data center operations while focusing on core business innovation. To strike this delicate balance, organizations require the expertise of a trusted data center operations management provider to handle the day-to-day operations effectively and ensure uninterrupted services, peace of mind and high visibility. 

Auxis, with more than 25 years of experience in IT operations, is the ideal partner to address these pressing data center challenges. Our data center managed services offer tailored solutions that combine expert personnel, streamlined processes, and advanced tools to help organizations thrive in this transformative era. 

By partnering with Auxis, we will work to elevate the management and support of your data centers. We will assist you in building and managing a future-ready data center that meets the user demands of the digital age, empowering your business to respond to change and disruption with unmatched resiliency and efficiency.  

60% of server downtime events reported were due to configuration errors – and 60% of those deployments were completed by mostly internal IT personnel. These results highlight the potential benefits of considering an external provider for technology deployments, with expertise that can help avoid configuration errors that can lead to downtime.

- Source: IDC Perspective 2023: The Cost of Downtime in Datacenter Environments: Key Drivers and How Support Providers Can Help

Auxis Managed Data Center Services

Experience peace of mind with our 24x7x365 end-to-end data center management services. We monitor and manage your data center seamlessly, whether on-site, in a colocation facility, in the private cloud, public cloud, or in a hybrid environment. We ensure your data centers operate at their best, following a comprehensive ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)-based framework, delivering data center managed services you can trust. 

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The Auxis Difference

Why Auxis as Your Data Center Provider?

Auxis boasts a 25+ year track record of steering executive teams toward achieving high-performance IT organizations.

Auxis implements robust security protocols and best practices to safeguard data centers against cyber threats, physical intrusions, and unauthorized access. They prioritize data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

Auxis employs advanced monitoring tools and proactive maintenance strategies to identify potential issues before they become critical problems. This approach helps to minimize downtime and ensures continuous operation.

As data center needs evolve, Auxis assists in capacity planning and scalability to accommodate growth and changing business requirements. This ensures that the data center remains efficient and capable of handling increased workloads. 

Auxis emphasizes disaster recovery planning and business continuity solutions to ensure data center operations can quickly recover from unexpected disruptions and maintain critical business functions.  

We place a high premium and strong focus on metrics and SLAs. We’re committed to not just “maintaining” your service level agreement, but to making your current data center model more predictable, scalable, and measurable. 

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