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Explore Amazon S3 Benefits: Flexible, Scalable And Secure


Jose Alvarez

Managing Director of Infrastructure Technology, Auxis

Recently, our own jalvarez, Director of Managed Services, spoke to the research firm Clutch, providing feedback on the use and implementation of Amazon S3 service. Obviously, we’re proud to help clients move their data centers to Amazon Web Services, so Jose was more than happy to explore the S3 service in depth for the research firm.

Amazon S3 is Flexible, Scalable and Secure

If you’re new to the Amazon S3 service, also known as Amazon Simple Storage Service, it’s a highly-scalable object-based storage solution for enterprise-level businesses. There are several storage options available, including S3 Standard, which is perfect for general-purpose files that are frequently accessed and Amazon Glacier, for files that are required to be archived for the long-term, but are rarely accessed.

Amazon S3 can be used alone, alongside other AWS services or even with your existing third-party storage repositories and gateways. It’s also extremely secure, making it a perfect solution for a wide range of businesses.

“Amazon S3 is a very secure service. It has high availability and high scalability, which is very important for us,” Alvarez explained. “When you configure S3, you can make those buckets accessible from the internet. You can restrict access if you want to, and you can grow as much as you want. It also has great functions that allow you to automatically determine the life of the objects that are stored, and allow them to be moved to a lower storage type of platform, such as Glacier. Once you move it to Glacier, you can retrieve them if you need to in the future.”

In a traditional data center, having different types of storage and implementing automatic archival of files can mean a huge investment of money, both now and later as your file archive grows. One of the biggest advantages of moving your data to the Cloud is the relatively limitless nature of storage. If you need to store more or do more, you just pay a little extra for your additional usage, no hardware investment required.

“I would say the biggest benefit is the high scalability,” Alvarez told Clutch. “You can add and grow as much as you want, with no restrictions whatsoever. You can have different buckets for different functions, with different security setups, etc.”

Storage, scalability and flexibility are great features to have in any data storage service, but ultimately, there’s no way a traditional data center can match the power of working with the Cloud. It’s always on and available from anywhere, freeing your employees from the hardware in their offices.

“I think the availability is also amazing,” Alvarez said. “They replicate those buckets, so you are always sure that you can access those buckets from anywhere, without worrying about redundancy.”

We’re pretty happy about implementing Amazon S3 for our clients and it shows as we work hard to find the right configuration for each corporation’s exacting needs. AWS gives us a range of options at impressive prices, letting Auxis customers keep their data budget trim.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help move your business to a customized Cloud-integrated platform.

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Managing Director of Infrastructure Technology, Auxis
Jose leads our IT Outsourcing and Solutions practice and has extensive experience always delivering best practices. His expertise includes IT strategic planning, cost control programs, emerging technologies, IT operations and infrastructure management.

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