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The Growth of the Retail Sector: An Agile Business Transformation


Raul Vega

Founder, CEO

According to industry observers, the US retail industry is on pace to close 39% more stores this year than the 6,200 shuttered during the Great Recession in 2008. But despite all the players that are struggling, the industry continues to grow, and incomes are on the rise for those using an agile operating model.

The continual growth of the retail sector can’t be considered a positive indicator yet because the conflicting data points suggest that even when the industry is not suffering an overall decline, it is undergoing a structural transformation.

This new environment demands retail executives to move away from traditional operating models and become more aggressive in disrupting and innovating with an agile operating model. It has become clear that this is the only option businesses have in order to survive and thrive in the retail industry’s ever-changing landscape.

Regain Your Competitive Edge And Brace For Future Disruption

Retail executives are implementing a modern operating model because it allows them to have a more strategic approach and be in a better position to compete.

Retail Transformation – Evolving From a Traditional to an Agile Operating Model

Read this whitepaper to learn why organizations that embrace a modern operating model are better equipped to handle the retail industry’s future challenges versus their competitors.

Written by

Raul Vega
Founder, CEO
Raul Vega is the CEO at Auxis and an executive consultant focused on helping executive teams modernize their operating models to meet the increasing demands of today’s business environment. Throughout his 30-year career, Raul has worked with over 200 clients across 30+ countries and successfully led business transformation initiatives in multiple industries, including consumer goods, industrial manufacturing, retail, transportation, telecommunications, among others. His clients have ranged from Fortune 100 multi-nationals to private equity backed middle market organizations.

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