Webinar Recap

The CFO Masterclass Keynote Series: “Innovation, Redesign, and Evolution of IT”

According to the KPMG 2019 US CEO Outlook Survey, 76% of CEOs say their growth relies on the ability to challenge and disrupt any business norm and this is an evermore reality in a post-COVID world. Getting the right insights on time will be the key to know how to leverage data and intelligence innovations to their finance operations once they start to transition back to on-site work.

Learn in this keynote panel the evolving role of the CFO in a rapidly changing global financial situation and get practical insights on how to navigate these innovations with a longer-term view through the right strategies.




What was covered:

  • The new reality driving the way CFOs need to lead finance and guide the company
  • Today’s CFO advantage-advanced technology
  • How to respond and drive the innovations and IT business needs and the human dimensions needed to drive these innovations
  • How operational and performance reporting needs to be rethought for CFOs to succeed today
  • How to quickly assess, determine and bring about the re-design needed
  • Strategies for balancing immediate changes needed with a longer term view
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