Webinar Recap

10TH ANNUAL CFO ​LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: The Rise of Finance Outsourcing in a Post-COVID Era: Why CFOs Are More Open to Nearshoring in 2021

Even before COVID, nearshore back-office models from Latin America were gaining momentum as the go-to solution for many forward-thinking organizations in the US, with over 28% of the top outsourcing destinations being located in the region. But the impact of the pandemic has only heightened the advantages of nearshoring and exposed significant risks with offshoring mission-critical services to India, the Philippines, and other Asian locations. As more CFOs look for alternatives to optimize costs while increasing operational flexibility and access to top talent, there is an increasing number of North American companies re-evaluating their back-office strategy and considering nearshore locations like Costa Rica to move multiple functions including Finance & Accounting, Customer Service and IT. Learn in this interactive panel discussion why nearshore outsourcing is the next big thing and why a lot of companies are looking to Costa Rica in particular.




Key Topics for Discussion

  • The rise of outsourcing as a tool to drive flexibility, cost optimization, and digital transformation
  • How nearshoring enables higher collaboration, innovation, and performance than Asia-based models
  • What does Costa Rica have to offer and why is it considered the premier nearshore alternative for the US with 170+ multinationals having established shared service operations in the country
  • How does Costa Rica compare to other nearshore locations like Mexico and Colombia
  • Expected labor savings from nearshoring versus the US
  • Pros and cons of setting up a captive shared services model versus going through a BPO or ITO provider
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