Resource Center Costa Rica Facts: The Top 10 Things You Should Know

Costa Rica Facts: The Top 10 Things You Should Know

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What do you know about Costa Rica? Although it’s true that most people associate Costa Rica with palm trees, rain forests, its natural beauty, a diverse landscape bordered by two oceans and access to countless adventure activities like zip lining, surfing and exploring volcanoes. But did you know that over 350 high-tech companies and 29 of the Fortune 100 companies have established successful operations in Costa Rica? 

A lot of people don't realize that  Costa Rica's rise has been intentional and incremental. Consider this:  Did you know that that over the last ten years, Costa Rica has steadily become one of the fastest growing destinations for shared services and outsourcing due to its geographical proximity, multilingual capabilities and low-cost arbitrage. But there is so much more to this little country that is attracting some of the largest tech, manufacturing, engineering and finance companies in the world.

Given Costa Rica’s compact scale one might not think that it would be ideal for large scale collaborations with Fortune 500 companies. However, the capital and largest city, San Jose, which has a population of over 340,000, possesses one of the region’s most innovative and creative bilingual workforces with tech skill-sets that meet the highest of demands and expectations of some of the most notable companies in The Americas. 

Factor in that over 170 world renowned multi-national companies have established service operations in the country and that it's also the number one exporter of high value added services in Latin America or that the country has a world renowned reputation of peace, democracy and stability and you're looking at a country that is so much more than just a destination location for those seeking rain forests and volcanoes.

With companies such as Intel, Amazon, Allergan, Dole, P&G, Boston Scientific, Abbott, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and IBM all enjoying immense success thanks to the country's commitment to its people, to innovation and its unique location and offerings, it's no wonder that Costa Rica is the premier nearshore outsourcing choice for the Americas.

With that being said, we thought we would provide you with an interesting little infographic of fun facts that you are free to share and embed that will have you and your readers saying, “I didn’t know that,” in no time.


To download a copy of the full infographic click here:


For more information about Costa Rica and how your company might benefit from nearshore outsourcing, head over to the Auxis Pages.

11/6/19 1:17 PM

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Fabiana Corredor

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Fabiana Corredor

Fabiana leads the marketing organization at Auxis, supporting all practices including consulting and outsourcing. Her areas of expertise include Finance Transformation, Shared Services, Nearshore Outsourcing, and Intelligent Automation. Fabiana started her career in Management Consulting in Ernst & Young in Latin America, and then transitioned to the Consulting team at Auxis, supporting the delivery of multiple client transformation initiatives across different industries before moving into marketing and business development. Fabiana is very passionate about helping CFOs and senior executives design customized back-office solutions to operate at peak performance. Originally from Venezuela, Fabiana moved to the United States in 2012 when she started working for Auxis.

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