Resource Center IT Outsourcing Cost Savings: Facts You Need to Know

IT Outsourcing Cost Savings: Facts You Need to Know

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 Preview of the US IT Outsourcing Cost Savings Report with green leaves in the background.

Auxis has seen tremendous success in recent years while helping American companies outsource their IT Operations to Latin America. Enterprises that capitalize on this modern business model have benefited from considerable IT outsourcing cost savings, as well as a greater focus on value-creation activities and access to cost-effective talent pools.

Nonetheless, many companies may find it difficult to identify the extent of the potential benefits outsourcing provides without the proper information at their disposal. With this in mind, Auxis has created its own US Labor Savings Report for IT, which contains a detailed comparison of US labor costs vs. Costa Rica for the technology positions that are typically outsourced.

What’s included in the IT Outsourcing Labor Savings Report

In this report, Auxis explores the mounting pressures CIOs and IT executives face while trying to find the right balance between business innovation and operational excellence. To accomplish this, traditional IT support models must become more agile, cost-effective, and innovative. Outsourcing, particularly nearshore outsourcing, has proven to facilitate this process.

How to Choose the Right IT Nearshore Destination

Important considerations such as proximity, cultural affinity, cost savings, and a quality labor pool drive the decision of where to outsource services and operations. Due to these key factors, Costa Rica has swiftly transformed into a major nearshore destination for American companies, and should not be overlooked as an option for your business. This report breaks down the significant labor cost savings Costa Rica provides in Help Desk, Technical Support, Network, Software Development, Security, and IT Project Management positions in comparison to the United States.

Selecting the Right IT Outsourcing Partner

The report also explains the qualities and characteristics that a truly efficient outsourcing partner should bring to the table beyond labor savings. These include improving levels of satisfaction, leveraging new technologies, and helping IT run like a business, among others. An outsourcing partner should enable you to focus on your digital transformation. With that in mind, we’d like to provide you with this summary of how Auxis’ ITO services can help you reach your goals.

Download Auxis’ Labor Savings Report for IT now and discover the potential benefits of nearshore outsourcing today.Invitation to download Auxis’ Labor Savings Report for IT: Creating value with Nearshore Outsourcing from Costa Rica.

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Alvaro Prieto

Written by

Alvaro Prieto

Alvaro is one of Auxis’ founders and leads our IT Services Practice, including both Infrastructure Transformation and Application Integration & Development. He brings over 25 years of technology and business experience, helping CIOs across multiple industries achieve Peak Performance in their IT operations through the design and implementation of agile operating models, processes and technologies. Some of his specialties include IT Service Management (Service Catalogs, ITIL, SLAs, Financial Management), Cloud and Data Center Transformation, large Software Implementations, among many others.

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