Resource Center Auxis Helps Tech Printing Company to build a Modern IT Operation

Auxis Helps Tech Printing Company to build a Modern IT Operation

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Plotter printing, representing IT Divestiture for a Printing Technology company


Our client has been a leading provider of imaging technologies that graphically customize printed packaging materials. Originally part of a major corporation, the division was purchased by a private equity group and the client became a standalone, New York-based company in 2019. It has more than 450 employees and maintains a presence in every region of the world, with the leadership team spread globally and multiple sales offices, R&D centers, two key manufacturing locations, and a global supply chain operation.


After the printing technology company was spun off, it had a little over a year to separate its operations from the parent corporation. As part of the transition, it needed to recreate its IT operations from scratch. Processes that had worked when it was part of a large corporation no longer applied. It also no longer had access to former resources, devices, or intellectual knowledge.

These issues combined created complex challenges, including:

Cross mark icon for first challenge: IT was so entwined with the parent’s technology.

IT was so entwined with the parent’s technology that separation required careful planning and thoughtful execution.

Cross mark icon for second challenge: Concerns about IT security and control.

The parent corporation was concerned about security and control, as the two companies needed to share files and application access for a long period during the separation process.

Cross mark icon for third challenge: Increasing agility was an important priority for the new company

Increasing agility was an important priority for the new company. The client aimed to use the fresh start as an opportunity to modernize and upgrade its back-office applications and infrastructure, taking advantage of new Cloud and SaaS services.

Cross mark icon for fourth challenge: Needed to stand up an IT organization that accommodated global time zones.

Since the separation did not include any IT support resources, tools, or processes, the client needed to stand up an IT organization with end-user and infrastructure support that accommodated global time zones.

COVID-19 left many employees working remotely during the IT Divestiture.

All 450+ employee computers required reimaging. Unfortunately given the timing of the separation, reimaging had to occur with minimal user interaction as COVID-19 left many employees working remotely.

The client was seeking an IT partner to plan, design, and execute its separation from its parent corporation and operate mission-critical activities in the new IT organization moving forward.


Auxis was selected during an RFP process to manage the client’s IT separation and provide ongoing managed service support. Auxis offered deep experience and the right skillsets from multiple company separation engagements, as well as clear, detailed project activities and ongoing IT outsourcing.

Auxis’ approach focused on two separate tracks:

Number one icon for first solution: Company Divestiture Project to run IT Operations independently from parent company.

Company Divestiture Project

Auxis designed and implemented solutions that allowed the client’s IT operations to run independently of the parent corporation, including tool selection and assisting with the purchase of hardware and software. Trusted global partners were also tapped to function as an extension of Auxis by providing onsite support and purchasing for hardware deployments – followed by ongoing support as needed at the client’s global locations.

Key Auxis initiatives included:

  • Implementation of Microsoft Azure cloud. Auxis’ transition team also trained resources and documented and implemented the processes and tools required to manage the new environment.

  • Design and implementation of new infrastructure running in the cloud, that included server management and migration from legacy Windows platforms, infrastructure applications for patching and backups and a VMware virtualization platform.

  • Design and implementation of authentication and end-user solutions, including Active Directory and Microsoft 365.

  • Desktop reimaging for about 450 end-users amid the pandemic utilizing modern, zero-touch technologies.

  • Security applications including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), antivirus software, and vulnerability scanning.

Number two icon for second solution: Managed Services with Auxis’ IT nearshore outsourcing model after IT Divestiture

Managed Services

Invitation to download Auxis' guide: Rethinking Corporate IT Guide, 5 simple strategies for transforming IT into a Business Enablement Powerhouse

As the new company’s IT infrastructure separated from the parent corporation, it was folded into Auxis’ IT outsourcing model. Auxis took over management of legacy servers and networking devices even as it worked to transform them. It also developed policies and procedures and implemented proper IT governance and best practice operational processes that redefined IT as an agile, modernized operation.

Instead of the traditional reactive structure based on “best efforts,” the client’s IT Department functions as a Business Enablement Powerhouse" that’s proactive, systematic, process-driven, data-oriented, and serves as a true strategic partner for the business.

Auxis services Included:

  • Expert operational teams monitor and support the new cloud environment. Higher-level resources are dedicated to overseeing operations and service levels, managing critical escalations, and providing recommendations for improvements and IT strategy.

  • A 24x7x365 High-Performance Service Desk that provides best-in-class IT support to end-users across global time zones with structured processes and IT governance.

  • Desktop Support for managing end-user incidents, escalation requests, and hardware deployments.

  • A Network Operations Center (NOC) to monitor back-end infrastructure, including servers, circuits, tunnels, infrastructure applications, and networking device availability, security, and health.

  • System Administrators for Linux and Windows servers, infrastructure applications, networking, and cloud, virtualization, monitoring, and management tools.


Months before the divestiture deadline, Auxis completed the complex process of separating the client’s IT operations from the parent corporation. Auxis put the tools, processes, and infrastructure in place to build a modernized IT operation from scratch - ready to independently support the demands of the new standalone company with a strong commercial mindset, true business insight, and accelerated speed to market.

Auxis remains the client’s go-to IT partner, providing world-class IT operations and infrastructure support through a managed services model.

Key results include:

Trophy icon: Swift, successful separation of IT infrastructure in 9 months – despite COVID and other complications.

Swift, successful separation of IT infrastructure in 9 months – despite COVID and other complications

Lack of access to previous resources, devices, and intellectual knowledge added a layer of complexity to the divestiture – as did the abrupt transition to a remote workforce during COVID-19. But despite these challenges, Auxis was able to separate the client’s infrastructure from the parent corporation within 9 months – way ahead of deadline.

Agile process icon: Auxis built an agile, global IT operations from scratch

Building agile, global IT operations from scratch

With Auxis’ best practice processes, tools, and infrastructure in place, the client maintains a nimble, well-run IT Department that serves as a key innovation resource to the growing business. The Auxis team’s proven 24x7x365 structure and multilingual capabilities also enable the client to support end-users and platforms worldwide with a High-Performance Service Desk.

Customer support operator icon: Instant access to best-in-class IT operational and infrastructure support after the IT Divestiture.

Instant access to best-in-class IT operational and infrastructure support

By partnering with Auxis, the client was able to hit the ground running after separating from its parent with instant access to best-in-class IT talent, tools, and processes that other organizations must build over time. Auxis teams handle mission-critical daily operational and infrastructure support, giving internal IT resources the bandwidth to focus on higher-level, strategic initiatives that drive growth.

 Hands holding a star icon: 30-40%+ reduction in labor costs without sacrificing quality of talent

30-40%+ reduction in labor costs without sacrificing quality of talent

Outsourcing IT resources to Auxis’ nearshore location in Costa Rica allows the client to pay 30-40% lower rates than hiring the same skillsets in the U.S. Costa Rica’s highly educated, technology-focused workforce also helped the client overcome hiring challenges caused by the national IT labor shortage in the U.S.

A gear clock icon: Minimal business disruption after the IT divestiture

Minimal business disruption

All implementations were completed after-hours, with no impact on the client’s main manufacturing and end-user operations.

Person with 3 arrow behind it icon: Increased flexibility & scalability thanks to Auxis.

Increased flexibility & scalability

Successful implementation and management of the Azure cloud environment allow the client to quickly tailor its infrastructure to meet changing requirements. Auxis’ managed services model also offers the flexibility to quickly scale IT resources up or down as needed.

Binoculars icon: Improved visibility & IT performance metrics

Improved visibility & metrics

Auxis implemented a strong IT metric mechanism to give the client visibility to IT performance. Auxis also tracks recurring issues on the Service Desk, enabling IT resources to proactively address the root of problems.

Pleased with the success of its initial projects, the client has already expanded the scope of its outsourcing services. Moving forward, it started discussions to outsource even more services, including additional security tools like log collection and monitoring, web filtering, an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and more.

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