Fabiana Corredor

Fabiana Corredor leads the Marketing Department at Auxis, with a strong focus on Back Office Optimization, Shared Services and Nearshore Outsourcing. Fabiana started her career in Management Consulting in Ernst & Young in Latin America, and then transitioned to the Consulting team at Auxis, supporting multiple transformation initiatives related to Shared Services Strategy, Post-Merger Integrations, and Performance Improvement.
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Key Learnings from Auxis' 2018 State of RPA Report

11/8/18 3:42 PM

As most of our readers are aware by now, during the past three years Robotics Process Automation (RPA) has emerged as one of the leading technologies in the market for organizations of all industries and sizes.

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Attend Costa Rica’s Top 2018 Shared Services LatAm Conference

6/14/18 4:46 PM
Now in its sixth year, The Shared Services Latin America Forum is one of the few conferences out there focusing specifically on the latest trends in the Shared Services & Outsourcing industry in Latin America. The event is organized by CamSCAT, a highly recognized private and non-profit organization that represents companies in the services sector located in Costa Rica (the #1 Nearshore Destination) and the Latin America region.
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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Nearshoring Vs Offshoring

6/12/18 9:14 AM

Shared Services and Outsourcing have both proven to be a great business model for reducing operating costs and gaining greater operational scalability for your back office while maintaining a high quality of customer service.

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The Modern Back Office: What Is It And Why Your Organization Needs It

12/7/17 3:16 PM

The typical back-office of most organizations spends 75-80% of their time “keeping the lights on.” This means transactional processing and non-value added activities. This dynamic leaves only 20-25% of your capacity for business growth activities such as strategic planning, customer insights, and analytics.

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Outsourcing vs. Captive Shared Services: Which Model is Right For You?

1/13/17 9:47 AM

Shared Services and Outsourcing models are no longer just for Global Fortune 500 companies. Today, we see an ever-increasing interest from middle-market organizations (companies ranging in revenue size from $200M-$2B) to reduce their back office costs and improve productivity and performance. More than ever, outsourcing is being viewed as one of the best ways to achieve these improvements, creating a new kind of shared services operation for these smaller organizations. In addition, if you are a larger organization and have still not considered shared services and/or outsourcing, you are late in the game.

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2016 Conference Recap: 10th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week LatAm

9/7/16 12:22 PM

Auxis CEO, Raul Vega chaired the 10th Annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Latin America from August 22nd to August 24th in Coconut Grove, FL.

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