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Top 3 Considerations you Need to Know Before Embarking on Azure Cloud Migration


Fabiana Corredor

Vice President of Marketing

Now more than ever, cloud migration has been in the forefront of business decisions, with the urgent need for a secure, reliable and scalable off-premise technology solution that complements the ever-changing work environment.

However, what most IT departments don’t account for are the steps and budget needed to allocate for migration. 50% of cloud migrations fail or stall, and 55% end up with no budget due to poor management of execution. A critical part of cloud migration it to assess your company, what data you want to migrate and the type of team using the applications.

Here are the top 3 considerations to take into account before launching Azure Cloud Migration:

To know precisely where RPA can automate, we have designed a structure and deployment plan with RPA development support.

  • Create a plan for cost management and delegation
  • Take into consideration what your goals are, and align them to your migration plan
  • Be vigilant of security

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

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