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Angie Assennato

Angie joined the Auxis marketing team in 2019 as our Digital Marketing Manager, focusing on leveraging all digital platforms (website, social media, email marketing, etc.) to support the organization in creating awareness of the value of Auxis’ services within our executive community. Angie brings over 12 years of combined sales and marketing experience with a special focus and passion for digital marketing strategy and execution, including analytics. She has worked in multiple industries including B2B services in companies like Ingram Micro, as well as manufacturing and distribution. Angie holds a Bachelor in Science of Marketing and is working towards her MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics.
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Recent Posts

2/10/20 3:27 PM

[Interview] Redefining Outsourcing through Nearshoring & Innovation

Auxis CEO Raul Vega was interviewed by Insights Success Magazine in the context of Auxis being awarded as one of The Most Admired Companies to watch in 2019. Read a summary of the interview below:

12/6/19 9:03 AM

Auxis Recognized as One of the 20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers

As the use of cloud computing continues to grow, organizations are putting more of their workloads in public clouds and pursuing multi-cloud strategies that will hopefully generate lower costs,...

11/22/19 3:05 PM

Outsourcing Role in Modern Finance Organizations (Discussion Recap)

One of the stone cold realities of today’s business landscape is that it is marked by growing competitive intensity & disruption. In fact, recent research shows that since 2000, 52 percent of...

10/30/19 10:19 AM

Maximizing the Value of your Cloud (CIO Breakfast Roundtable Recap)

“Every company, regardless of size is doing something in the Cloud!” With that spot on proclamation from Auxis Technology Leader and moderator, Alvaro Prieto, The Auxis CIO Breakfast Roundtable on...

6/25/19 9:06 AM

Modernizing Your Finances Operations (CFO Miami Roundtable Recap)

Can today’s CFO leverage available innovation to push the business forward with velocity and scale? Oftentimes this question is outwardly asked but rarely answered and embraced in wholesale fashion...

4/2/19 10:45 AM

Raul Vega: "Before Thinking in AI You Need to Master RPA"

Recently, Auxis CEO, Raul Vega, sat down for an interview with Nearshore Americas about what’s happening in the nearshore space for their new Faces in the Crowd section.