2019 Labor Savings Report for Finance & Accounting:
Creating Value With Nearshore Outsourcing - NYC vs. Costa Rica

Download this report to get a detailed cost comparison of the New York labor costs vs. Auxis Costa Rica market for the Finance & Accounting positions that you would typically outsource.

CFOs Need to Transform Their Back Office to Become a True Business Partner

Our CEO, Raul Vega, discusses the challenge we’re seeing among our CFO clients as they look to transform their departments to add more value to the business. Watch the video to learn how we’re helping finance leaders transform their departments to be more high-performance oriented.

2018 RPA Survey Report: Where Are We With RPA?

To get beyond the hype of RPA, Auxis surveyed over 100 organizations to measure the real level of RPA adoption and provide greater operational insights on how RPA is truly being used: What is the current level of RPA adoption? How does it vary based on revenue size? What are the real benefits that organizations are achieving (i.e. payback, cost savings, productivity gains)? What are the main implementation challenges? And more... Read the full report

Build a Winning RPA Center of Excellence

Learn how to effectively design, monitor and optimize the usage of your bots at all times. Download this guide to get a more detailed description of the new set of skills and different RPA roles that you will need to develop in order to implement Robotics Process Automation in your organization.

60 Processes To Consider For Robotics Process Automation

A detailed list of key business processes that are best suited for RPA opportunities within multiple areas: Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, and more. Download this infographic to discover all the potential within your organization.

Retail Transformation - Evolving from a traditional to a modern operating model

Download this whitepaper to gain real-world perspectives on why and how retail organizations should transform their outdated operating models to be more modern and agile in order to survive and compete in this era of transformation.

2016 Survey Report: A Deeper Exploration of Shared Services in Latin America

Latin America has become a premier destination for shared services, with operations graduating from purely transactional models, into a broad range of higher value-add services. Nearshoring is growing, and hybrid captive-outsourcing models are emerging as a response to both center maturity and regional complexity. This study is our attempt to provide a deeper exploration of shared services in Latin America and some actionable insights that we hope you find valuable. Download now to read the full report.

Outsourcing 101: A Guide For First Time Outsourcers

This article is designed to help answer the fundamental questions that many business executives who are new to outsourcing are asking, and give them some guidance on how to get started.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Outsourcing

Steven Covey’s book, “The7 Habits of Highly Effective People” has been a touchstone for business executives for more than 20 years. Covey’s principles can apply to virtually any setting, and provide a framework for establishing and running a successful business operation. Download now to read the full whitepaper.

The Five Fundamentals To Getting the Most Value From Your IT Investment

By following the 5 Fundamentals of IT Management below, you can establish and maintain an IT organization that provides the value and performance that your business needs. Read the full whitepaper.

The True Meaning of “Getting the Highest Value From Your IT Investment”

This paper was developed as a guide for readers to understand the benefits attainable by using cross-functional teamwork in strategic sourcing initiatives.

Supply Chain Playbook: The Sourcing Dream Team

This paper was developed as a guide for readers to understand the benefits attainable by using cross-functional teamwork in strategic sourcing initiatives. Download our whitepaper to learn more.