Running into Roadblocks When Scaling Your Automation Program?

Learn actionable insights to help you unlock automation at scale and decrease maintenance

Many automation programs start with a step-by-step approach. This is fine if you’re doing a small number of somewhat simple automation tasks. But as you continue to grow and pursue several more complex RPA projects, you’ll begin to experience severe challenges such as:

  • Maintenance: Your team is spending too much time maintaining existing robots and not enough time building new ones.
  • Friction: You can’t deploy as many automation as you want to, as fast as you need to.
  • Scope creep: Constant changes in project scope and capabilities requirements push your deadlines out, again and again.
  • Quality: Manual testing your workflows is a big headache and drags down productivity.

If this sounds familiar, don’t become distressed. It’s very common for automation programs to face these challenges as they try to scale up. To solve these issues, many organizations use an approach they have adopted from modern software development called “continuous automation development.

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