Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Outsourcing Your Help Desk

Download our roadmap to effectively outsourcing your help desk in the new WFH era

A solid support team keeps operations running smoothly, boosts employee morale with an effortless technology experience, and minimizes costly business disruptions. After COVID-19, many organizations are finding it easier and more cost-effective to achieve peak performance through outsourcing.

Download our “Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Outsourcing Your Help Desk” to learn everything you need to know to maximize the value of an outsourced service desk in the WFH era. Its 10-step roadmap expands on the above steps and more, including:

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  • Determining levels of support and escalations beyond Level 1
  • Choosing the model that’s right for you - dedicated or shared resources?
  • Identifying the best location strategy based on your business footprint – nearshore, onshore, or offshore?
  • Comparing apples to apples when quantifying your business case
  • Establishing a robust process documentation and transition plan
  • Finding a partner who defines what’s most important to you
  • Learning to trust the process