Webinar Recap

Strategies for Building an Effective GBS Operating Model: The Sometimes Painful Realities of Organizational Change

In this webinar, Auxis’ Senior Managing Director of Operations and Leader of its Outsourcing Practice discusses the challenges organizations usually face with their traditional back-office operations, and how a successful Global Business Services (GBS) Operating Model can help overcome these challenges while providing multiple other benefits.

Businesses today put additional pressure on their internal organizations to “do more with less,” and often the organizational structure and culture make it difficult to adapt to this changing dynamic. In addition, the type of work that is generally required from traditional back-office operations is predominantly transactional (greater than 70%), making it difficult to maintain employee motivation and performance. This has a direct impact on overall operational productivity and can limit the ability of your best employees from advancing in their careers and providing higher value to the organization.





The rise of the Global Business Services (“GBS”) model has created a significant opportunity for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the global labor market to address these challenges by restructuring their organizations to achieve greater operational efficiencies, while also reducing operating costs and gaining broader access to talent. The webinar will also highlight the most effective strategies that companies have employed to establish a GBS operating model, and the benefits that they have been able to derive through its implementation and ongoing operation.

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