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The CFO Masterclass Academy: Running a “Lean” Finance Operation in a Post-COVID World: How to Make it Right?

June 9, 2020 12:00 pm

The need to run “lean” is drastically increasing in a post-COVID world where 80% of CFOs are implementing cost containment initiatives, and 40% are already planning to accelerate automation. Learn in this session practical and proven strategies that leading finance organizations are putting in place to achieve peak performance in their finance operation.

What was covered:

  • Impact and implications of COVID for Finance organizations
  • Key trends accelerating, including automation, analytics and outsourcing
  • How to assess the opportunities for optimization within your current organization
  • Most common areas of opportunity (e.g. AP, Cash Application, etc.)
  • Key technologies and tools to consider (e.g. RPA, financial close management, workflow, IA data capture, etc)
  • Why and how to evolve to a real-time analytics culture.
  • How to fund innovation in times of economic recession
  • Identifying fast payback opportunities & calculating the business case