Webinar Recap

How Much Do You Know about Keeping IT Functioning?

Are the details of how your IT is run living in other people’s brains?

Can you afford to NOT have accurate documentation of your systems, operations, or procedures?

Can your IT team get sick, take a vacation or go to training without someone calling them constantly because no one else can manage their role?

Systems documentation, network diagrams, standard operating procedures, and process definitions are all assets of an IT organization which need to be treated as such. They should be developed, approved, stored, indexed, distributed, protected and archived. The value of knowledge is hard to describe in financial terms. However, when this knowledge is lost or just “walks out the door” the impact to the organization can be devastating.

In this webinar Alejandra Moreno, IT Director of Infrastructure Projects, shares her experience and recommendations for effectively managing knowledge, and how to address the common challenges that organizations face when trying to achieve this important goal.




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